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  1. I use this M3 mask with the trapazoid shaped filters. I stopped wearing bandana a long time ago.
  2. Deft, Never, Puzi. They are all homies with my bud BL!ND
  3. you forgot to add "police consider this an act of terrorism." lol
  4. i can see the career point of view. but like i dont think i will eer stop. And jail doesnt stop anyone, my friend learned how to tag durring his few months in a mexican prison.
  5. She's allergic to the pill. And we don't want kids.
  6. BART (every week day) Or a 95 toyota SR5 4x4
  7. I<3BLOW


    Dude all the knives I showed except the last one are upwards of 400$ but that first one can cut through a quarter without making a nick or chip in the blade.
  8. bottled water only for me. i knew the water tasted funny
  9. No specific order: -Unempoloyment -Homework -Pot being only semi legal (im in california) -Probation -Not having a car -Not having a liscence -My brother being the golden child -People who talk big but wont back what they say. -running out of condoms when im with my gf -kentucky fried chicken ruining "Sweet Home Alabama" -all my black teachers saying i should show them alot more respect cause they were slaves at one time (for god sakes that was like a few hundred years ago and they themselves wernt slaves, they abolished slavery be happy now. And no im not racist. I onl
  10. I<3BLOW


    i love my shoes lol no one has them lol
  11. I<3BLOW


    both of those are nice knives. The top one prolly has alot of sentimental value I can understand. My grandpa gave me his bayonet from WWII.
  12. fucking toy im on probation and have a 4 way search clause and still paint man up and go bomb. My brother (fucking kid can barely drive to highschool wihtout getting lost and hes 17) Paint alot of it. My clean record for the police. Belt My favorite hat bottle opener knife Condoms (ultra ribbed for her pleasure) Flip flops Sunglasses
  13. lol i got survailence and a shotgun with deerslugs.
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