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Everything posted by MarcoFromHouston

  1. Damn, you took those last 2 pics yesterday? I must have just missed you.......
  2. I wasn't sure which thread was the best for my San Antonio pics, so I'm just gonna dump them in here. I went graf hunting this past weekend (Marco 8th & 9th). Hit some great spots, but missed a lot of them. It was awesome meeting a few writers out there. Dmise, the Phrymates @ The Yard, the guys writing at The White Rabbit, the two dudes at Quincy & San Pedro. I'll be back for sure! Here is one for now, and many more later this week.
  3. Lovin this shot! Mind PM'ing me whose Flickr you stole this from so I can check out that photog's other work? Here are two pics that I took a few weeks ago:
  4. I spoke to Oscar last month and he said he doesn't want his club to be painted anymore. He wants what's up there to stay and that's it.
  5. Hey thanks! Yep, 50mm 1.8 for most shots, although the 2nd & 5th were with a 24-70mm 2.8.
  6. Painted by: GONZO247, Christian Azul, Mr. Bristle & Reginald Adams. Artwork by: Shepard Fairey Alabama @ Travis, Houston Texas
  7. Seriously dude, go shoot your own shit! :mad: I don't mind sharing the flicks but at least let 'em know who took the photos!
  8. Looks like I have a fan club........
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