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  1. all i remember about scottsdale was the women. they're fantastic. but besides going to a spring training game and playing golf i cant say i did anything that exciting. i would suggest the camelback mountain trail close by. but that cant really be done in july.
  2. the louis scene is fuckin hillarious. right in the middle of all the action BOOM! the adek mailbox. haha. dude is for sure been gettin the manhattan photo shoot hype to the fullest.
  3. just peeped adek up in a louis ck episode
  4. so she was taking pictures of graffiti when she was 11? if only i had thought of that.
  5. anyone seen the movie "midnight run"? always reminds me of this.
  6. my grandpa was all about that show. only reason i know about. rip regardless.
  7. i guess the mission is just too mainstream these days.
  8. yea stayin in the country doesnt seem like the best idea. but really though... at the age of 81. who gives a shit?
  9. *6197* best page in a looooong while.
  10. cant believe they actually replaced the panels on the old new flyer 14s. then sure enough they get hit immediately. im gettin sick of hoppin on the 38s and havin em smell like the bus has been drenched in nail-polish remover. they keep tryin to keep the graff under-wraps but it'll never happen.
  11. wish i could have seen this when i was 16. i had to learn a handfull of these the hard way.
  12. i checked that new oliver stone documentary "south of the border" and saw an interview with this lady. the president of argentina. shes older than dirt. pretty sure late 50/early 60s but she keeps it sexy. id smash many times over.
  13. dude goes scoreless in the 4th quarter of an NBA finals game??? lebron is a very talented player. just way over-hyped.
  14. i never said the bulls didn't have good players. what im saying is that jordan didn't leave the bulls to play on the lakers with magic so that he could finally win a championship.
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