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  1. you could also show her how you made a thread on 12oz about all this and have her read all these responses. chances are... she'll be slightly suprised.
  2. suprised no one's mentioned it... Young Ed. the album: Time To Stack. a bay classic in my humble opinion. last i saw it was going for crazy high prices on ebay/amazon. im keepin mine.
  3. i've been pondering giving up drinking here and there. i've just noticed how good i feel when i dont and how my friends who dont really drink are all in much better shape in body and mind (though none of them are very social). i hate ruining the next day because i drink too much the night before and sometimes didn't even do anything really that special while drinking. its tough though when you tell yourself "just one beer" before going out because it never happens. you (or at least i) always end up staying out way too late and getting way too wasted. spending too much money, saying/doing stupid things, getting no sleep, being hungover etc. though i wouldnt say i have a drinking problem. i'd still like to one day do away with it completely one day. seems like every few days there is another persons birthday to celebrate, another show to go to, another friend in from out of town, etc that always results in me going out/getting wasted. wont lie though. drinking can be awesome.
  4. ive been through there... little rock's a fine town.
  5. seriously... like we should all feel sooooooooo bad that these loud mouth broads thinking they're so hard talking shit to a poor guy working at his job got beat the fuck down. i wonder if after this incident they'll keep talking shit like they're untouchable. facts are that they started this shit. they hopped the counter. had they not done that they wouldn't have gotten beat the fuck down. and this guy just trying to get his life back together will have to go back to prison because of all this shit. if i was a billionaire i'd seriously hire a top-notch lawyer to defend this guy.
  6. ^^^ http://www.flickr.com 12oz is simply for gossiping, drysnitching, random drunken rants and self-promo.
  7. Re: So my girlfriend has a few male friends.......... i guarantee you this chick has a few male friends.
  8. that tiger mural was the shit. especially when covered in keda/skert fill-ins.
  9. seems like she threw up the white flag.
  10. think bout how disgusting her "extra-skin" from her fat days looks now. probably horrific to look at naked. trash.
  11. flying is the best. statistically its the safest form of travel there is... sit back, listen to music, watch tv, see things from the air. have a few drinks before hand to maybe take the edge off... you'll be FINE
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