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  1. Agreed with the last 2 posts. Also rush india ink is wtaer based the shit can be washed off with water and soap or if you mix alchohol then that or nail polish remover as for the plastic cups idk bout that but I'm gunna look into it. What is it in the cups that makes this "ink"
  2. I enjoy Tiny Tim or Lunchbox
  3. Get a kiwi bottle take out the flow regu or keep it in depending on prefrence get sum black bucket paint oil based pref thin the shit down but not to thin and boom there yah go. Not ink but does the trick
  4. You could take a razor and cut it in smaller pieces and peel it out leave it big enough tht you can roll it up and tape it useing electrical tape and just put it in somthing. Your lines may not be that clean but it should work.

    Spray Paint

    I want one that says "GOT CRABS?" on the front and "WANT THEM?" on the back or "Dildos are a girls best friend"
  6. I was thinking the amonia in my pee would work better plus who wants to buff a tag tht smells like alc an piss?
  7. Check it so you grab like 9 pack of crayola washables and take the thing tht holds the ink out (best if you use all dif colors) then put sum rubbing alc in sumthing pref 40% or lower an let tht shit sit for a night an you'll have a super hard staining all buff resistant ink oh yah throw some dot.3 in that shit too yo. Haha I crack myself up
  8. Don't just say you got sum recipes if you're not gunna post them because then you're talking just as much "bs" as everybody else.
  9. Give repsect where respect is due street you can't come into here and be all like blah blah I know more just because I sell ink because the fact is some of the cats you're argueing with have been here for awhile and have been in the game for awhile and have some reasonably respected opinions in my opinion at least. You got shit on nobody here. Also if you don't like the "bs" people talk on here because they pay for an account run off to BS. Whats a good portion to mix pp with acetone? anybody?
  10. Also what is a good ratio for the pp with the acetone? I've done a little more research into it and alot of the things I've read have explained how when it is mixed with iysopropyl it has a slightly violent reaction such as heating up and then going to a boil posibly fumes I'm not to sure on the fumes. As for the acetone I havn't been able to find any information on reactions although there may be some.
  11. I tried google I didn't even figure to use the search on here I would have but past searchs on here have shown me that you just get a bunch of pages of bullshit and it makes finding info retarded. Thanks though BELTOLEUM I'm gunna look into it.
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