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  1. keepthiscoupon

    Paris and Barcelona

    Fuck, I forgot to mention MUST BE nsa, clean, ddf. Send face pic. Kik?
  2. keepthiscoupon

    Paris and Barcelona

    Giving this a shot....I haven't used this account in 9 years, some throw-away account I made as a punk ass kid. Anyways... From the United States, I'll be traveling to the aforementioned cities in May. Looking to link up with chill people to get down with and have an overall good time. Graff being an obvious interest, I'm also into urbex and photography. I'm usually up for whatever. As far as graff goes, I'm looking for someone to bomb with. Interested in, but most definitely not limited to metro lines and rooftops. Not sure what else to write here so, if you're down hit me up with a message and I'll be able to answer any questions. Thanks.
  3. keepthiscoupon

    Fire Extinguishers

    ok so who is the guy in the music video?
  4. keepthiscoupon

    The Zombie Apocolypse starts now..

    i cant fuckin wait till zombies attack
  5. keepthiscoupon

    last night i used a "krink" brand marker

    oinkartltd.com fo sho dope as hell and cheap!
  6. keepthiscoupon

    more besastility news........

    haha..:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  7. keepthiscoupon

    Redwings and Period Pieces

    that shit isfuckin nasty yo but i heard that her studio would start to smell after a while blah!
  8. keepthiscoupon

    Mod stripper audition photos from 1960s and 1970s

    this could be true as well haha
  9. keepthiscoupon

    Mod stripper audition photos from 1960s and 1970s

    hahaha soo fuckin true
  10. keepthiscoupon

    The embassy is burning, what do you do?

    let it burn fuck it, and while all the pigs are occupied with that loot and bomb no doubt.
  11. keepthiscoupon

    whats wrong here.

    dont forget the stretch marks! haha
  12. keepthiscoupon

    whats wrong here.

  13. keepthiscoupon


    fuck basketball.
  14. keepthiscoupon

    What are you listening to: 2008

    blackmoon, dj krush, lord finesse, big l, cyne, gangstarr, etc...