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  1. Those yuppie condos were part of katrina, I believe the 9th ward. So, no.
  2. Big Morgan and Gravel always out to impress...
  3. wow and load limits were gone over
  4. nicely done! so many great shots, so many dope writers.
  5. wow that was nice omens jrafe and much more...
  6. 42 used my ladder for that piece! dudes rolled up on me while i was on it, crazy...then we did our thing...my only experience with both of em. chill as fuck. ill make sure they get posted, afroe did 2 that night. and bump that villiany car!:D
  7. The only reason you hate the burbs is because you live in "the hood" and wish you owned a car to come see our green grass and trees. Instead, youre stuck in a shithole next to a smelly mcdonalds catching tags that get buffed every day. Hmmmm keep talkin' while we walkin'. Why only hit the city when you can do both? Dont hate kids-stay in school, or get that GED.
  8. god damn wyse someone get some rail shots of those!
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