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  1. Nah, my fellow boys in blue are pretty cool with it. I mean, they use their 30 minute lunch break to eat donuts and sip coffee, while bragging about their latest abuse of a black man during yet another questionable arrest, but I just pop over to the good old interweb and give big ups to taggers. Would you like my badge number while I'm at it?
  2. I don't know who Tewn is or where (presumably) he came from, but I like his style. Bombing TE in Milwaukee is probably not the best idea in light of Teach, but between a couple of Tn bombs, a decent hand, and straight pieces, props to dude. More people should hit the street without insisting every spot done be flicked and within minutes posted on here. Also, to those who post pictures of new street shit, if there's something decent and you don't flick it in an effort to bring your boys to the forefront while ignoring the rest, give me a break. That's not to hate on someone like horsecock who consistently posts pictures of just people he's cool with, but to the new kids: give credit where credit's due.
  3. If I didn't occassionally stop by the south side, I wouldn't even know Frost existed, and his little friend Peoples or whatever (have you ever caught a tag?) is just getting annoying. At least with KWC, I know they get around. I've seen Fesk pretty much all over. I mean, feel free to hate on his style, but at least he's on the street. Jasp, please just stop talking. Your hand is fine and if you ever bother to put a hollow on the street, it probably wouldn't even be bad, but god, just stop talking forever. Pauz Uno free nome mutha fugga nigga stay off the east. Whatever else you're saying, it's really incoherent and annoying. Go line out people if you want, but make like Helen Keller and hit your own mute button. Props on the old flicks. Good to see this thread being improved from time to time. I don't know how many times "Stop talking and bomb" has been said, but try it once. It's more fun than you'd think.
  4. I'm glad ES has called it quits on these forums. Some of these young piecers are straight, but their heads are all in the clouds, thinking they're the rawest after six months of sketching in the black book their mom bought for them for Easter (which they weren't allowed to draw in until after the Easter service... father's orders).
  5. mreupthenu Quote: Originally Posted by bomber (View Original Post) FUCK YOU FROST THATS WHY KWC IS actually getting throwies and fill ins not the same dumbass FT or Signatures FROST=LAfiette yea nigga i know who you are wut is u talking about nigguh Always good to know coherence begets solid grammar. I would have thought MPS taught both Frost and those KWC groupies better.
  6. ^true that. No need to bring attention to anywhere writers hang out regardless of what's being done there. And props to Unicraven for typing a response that makes sense. Reading ninety pages of 'nigamutha fucka talk mor shit' gets old more quickly than you'd think.
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