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  1. That's hilarious! Time to start meat pocketing dudes! *No context alert*
  2. ive been fiending a good stufdfed crust but the only placve i can find with it is pizza hut & it blowz
  3. this season is straight fire. hot mic haha i died
  4. That charlie brown full car is dope
  5. Re: Gun Control (Round 2) i think we should be able to carry guns only if we have a license to carry. i dont think everyone should be able to carry around a gun without being licensed
  6. i have a few goverment issue blue cans that are ma old ill try to get a pic up soon cant now working :/
  7. I love it. a republican saying the most republican thing he can say, close mindedness and hating everyone that dosent agree with him. Go Obama!
  8. i love E_B_A 's Dunce character its nasty..
  9. Christo-f i like the "hovering bikes" by any chace do you moutain bike cuz it looks it. and lil wayne is like god soooo....yea....but seriously ban him
  10. ^^HE would eat that whole frog alvie. Lungless?! thas definatly f'ed and not a freak of nature....wow
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