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  1. Long story short.. I got early arrival pass for 2 weeks ahead of the event - we were the first art crew on site (middle of the desert in nevada). It was midnight of the day we were scheduled to arrive. We pitched our tents in the moonlight and began building a shade structure to house ourselves for the next 2 weeks of building this beast. We spent all night into the morning setting up shade structures. The site itself was barren - a stick in the ground surrounded by spiral annotations of some crazy midnight mathmatic formula. The nearest human besides us was about a mile or two away. Ten or so of us, stranded in a weird limbo of dirt and hopefulness. There was a very odd combination of excitement, fear, curiosity, and inherent danger in the air. What now? was always the question that was whispered amongst quiet ears.
  2. I spent the next few months sanding, cutting, bolting, wrenching, welding, grinding, and trying to keep a loose grip on what I could and should be doing with my life. I put a hiatus on graffiti to concentrate on what I felt would be a better use of my time and skill-set. It was a very, very intense time period that saw a few relationships strained, and many more reinforced. There is a weird warehouse in Alameda that houses strange art pieces, and I spent a considerable amount of my days assembling and planning out how this massive beast would come to life. Those of you in the bay will know of American Steel, a pretty hot spot for painting. I spent many, many hours inside this building welding and bending steel to make the giant trees that would inhabit the center of the "grove" (the inside area of the spiral structure, where people would write messages and mementos on strips of canvas and tie them to the trees).
  3. Thanks yall - yeah the video is impressive. I am really lucky to have such a killer crew. All for the story... A lot has happened in the past few months. I dove into Oakland pretty empty handed and open minded. It was a bit rough but it more than made up for it in action and excitement. It reminded me of a blown up version of the towns on the outskirts of indian reservations. All the problems in my neighborhood dwarfed the ones that I was creating, so I nestled in pretty neatly. I caught wind of a project for burning man this year and latched on pretty hard. I spent the majority of the past five months working on the design for the Temple at Burning Man. It's the largest art structure at the event and required a lot of time and really, really hard work. The project involved building a massive wooden art structure set apart from the main event that people could visit to meditate in, evaluate their life in, and leave behind mementos of loved ones who'd passed away. A big change from the fast-paced small-picture lifestyle that I'd been living for so long. This was the design pitched to the event We had about three months of waiting to see if it actually bit, and among about a dozen other designs, we somehow got to the top three. At the beginning of the year, I got the call that the project had been green lighted, and we were now well on our way to building a 300k dollar sculpture in the middle of the desert, for 70,000 people to interact with, and after 7 days, burn it to the ground.
  4. This is a trailer that my good friend of many years just finished editing. He is like a ninja camouflage Kubrick, who will come with everyone to the sickest fucking landmark spot and instead of painting, he'll film everyone else. A true selfless bastard that will go balls out, hanging his ass over a freeway heaven spot so he can get a good flick of your piece. Then go out the next night and do a crazier spot than you, and film it himself, just to rub it in your titties. ^^ Watch this video - if you have youtube stuff comment on it. It's got all of me and my homies in it being goofballs. Share it. Make us do more stupid shit and film it.
  5. ^^ That's my buddy Eugor with the roller, and Cool Beans with the other roller. Both goofy ass guys. We had to row a fuckin blowup boat to get to this spot. I got lost and showed up late. Hence my lack of sprap ray
  6. They changed my $6.66 into 6 after it processed. Oh well. Hopefully it'll develope a roll. If not I'lll just paypal ya. Thanks for keeping in touch when I was robinson crusoe'd. I still have your zine in my studio, everyone who comes thru give it a perusal. Stay clean man!! For real! I've lost too many friends that way... You're a talented motherfucker - I want to see more!
  8. 11193162_820155331354875_2095241933_n_zps0swh5h0y. 12oz! Do away with this time limit shit! It's annoying as fuck as it is to upload pictures to a 3rd party site and copy paste blah blah blah fuck ! Don't go the bank website route where you get signed out every thirty fucking seconds! Please! FUcks sake leave it open ended and Mad Max this shit like it should be!! Too many fucking hurdles to jump through Also I finished this painting tonight heh heh
  9. I got knocked the FUCK OUT last night on the Bart train in oakland. Asked a guy if I could move his bags and got called a "white devil". I turned around to acknowledge the person next to me who had laughed and got suckerpunched. Hard!! Dude grabbed his bags and dipped out right as the doors closed. HA! I can handle my own and have put many people in their place but hot damn I learned my lesson once again. Haven't had a black eye in too long!! Cheers 12oz!!
  10. Hello NYC! Anyone open May 28-June2? I have been traveling across the US + other countries meeting up with writers for the past 3 years, writing and fucking around, documenting a lot of it on a thread here on 12oz. Lots of fun. Lots of flicks. Lots of debauchery. You can view my travel thread on Channel Zero - it's sticky'd as the first thread - "travelogue, hunting, hitchhiking, graff, getting dirty..etc" link -> KEEPITRAIL TOURS USA there's lots of fun there, leaf through it. I am heading up to NY MAY 17 to build a giant Lifesize Mousetrap thing for this weird festival MysteryLand And I will be done May 27. I'm on my own till June 2 when I will catch a flight out. if anyone wants to kick it, hollar at me! I have some walls to paint but nothing is concrete. I always love meeting new people. IG: @Keepitrail TL DR MAY 27 - JUNE 2 I WILL BE IN NYC. LETS PAINT DRINK HUSTLE POOL DO DRUGS WRESTLE HOBOS DO WEIRD SHIT
  11. @Fist 666 The early years of my life... Haaaa but for real that chick on the cover looks straight up exactly like my girl. The U Backstrap + Feet + Bury the Head!
  12. http://abc7news.com/society/oakland-protest-turns-destructive-/692267/ INSANE NIGHT!! Burned a cop car shut down a few major intersections and set half a dealership on fire...
  13. I have A SHIT TON to update on, pictures to share and stories to tell. Train hopping, Roadkilling, Arresting, Hot Springing, Methhead Beating, Acid Taking, Gate Crashing, Temple Building, Security Camera Capturing, Long Exposuring, A lot has happened this year and there is a hell of a lot more to come in the next four months. Bear with me while I organize pictures from many different sources and collaborate material. I say again! NEW YORK! If anyone has leads on things to do - couches to surf - people to hook up with! Contact me! I'm being flown out May 17, building a gigantic art sculpture till the 27th, then gallivanting across NYC from the 28th to the 2nd of JUNE and flying back to the Bay. Hit me up!! Paint! Art galleries! Abandoned buildings! Shoot pool and get drunk! Hollar!!
  14. Fuck off with your sandles Randy ($20+shipping buy this shit!) This is a painting I did today of the BunnyBoy from the film GUMMO. I painted over a found yard-sale piece. Harmony Korine, the writer & directer of GUMMO (as well as KIDS, Spring Breakers, etc) went to my high school and was a big influence in my life. The Bunny boy role was cast to a local Nashville graffiti writer, Rhyme. This is a tribute piece to both of them. Though the film is based in rural Ohio, much of it was filmed in Nashville. Fun fact: the little black person in several scenes still frequents my old neighborhood. You can usually barter a 40oz to chat with him about the film, or whatever is going on in his world. --If you haven't seen GUMMO, do yourself a favor and rent/buy/torrent it. Prepare yourself. No one i know has made it through in one sitting.
  15. This year started off well enough - travel back south for shenanigans with friends. My buddy Panda had spied a rolldown spot underneath a massive overpass spanning the Cumberland River in downtown Nashville, near an old homeless mecca that i used to paint at back in the day. We brought our crewmate User along and, through much trials and turmoils, climbed the 100ft ladder up under the bridge, traversed the catwalk over the 150ft drop to the river, and dismounted on the other side, a ledge about 6ft wide with another 100ft drop. We drank, we filmed, and we painted. It was perfect. Panda is working on video for the spots we hit along the way as well as the rolldown. Onward towards Memphis, where the UnHoly crew meetup was to take place. Our friend from Santa Barbara came all the way out for the good times, and I hope we showed him up. Riding along with Panda on the trip to Memphis, I spotted a dead deer on the side of the interstate. It took some finagling to get him to pull over at the next stop so we could find something to strap it on the roof. We had no rope, so some schmoozing with the local mechanic netted us some wire and zipties. I wasn't sure if that would be enough so I slipped into the LOVE next door, grabbed a ball of twine, waltzed up to the counter and asked kindly if they would return some twine I'd bought at the station two exits back. "We'll need a receipt." I chuckled, "Oh, it's in the car, no problem..." and walked out the door. A couple flipped bitches later, and we were back at the carcass. It took some doing, and to Panda's credit, he handled it well - a little bit of blood and brain squirting on his arm and he didn't flinch once. Deer strapped, photos taken, and back on the road to Memphis. The looks we got on the way there were more entertainment than I'd had in months. It was glorious. We couldn't have timed it more perfectly. Just as we arrived, the UnHoly caravan pulled up, one by one. Lots of fun was had, jokes were made, punches were thrown, and, after painting the spot, we all posed for a group photo in front of an abandoned building. Wouldn't you know it, but a fucking horse-drawn carriage emerged from the ghetto industrial funky fog and clopped its way behind us, just as the shutter clicked. (This monologue is in desperate need of photos...they will come soon...) How about a timeline skip?? Here's some recent work I've been paintin on... I got hooked up with a gig in SF painting the inside of a party house. They said paint whatever, so I painted their cat. $100 gets you a couple pounds of B's - buds that were trimmed but too small to sell. Let's make some coconut weed oil from the SHAKE of them B's! How about a trip to Alcatraz... Hurry up! Ai Wei Wei's exhibit is almost over! I'll be returning to edit some of these posts when I get pictures together from all the folks involved. I had made a pact with myself that each year i return to the homeland I'd make it on the news. After two years of success, my hopes were high.
  16. Hey 12oz, It's been a good year 2015 so far. I've had the pleasure of meeting up with some new folks off here, and enjoyed staying in touch with many of you. Hollar at ya this weekend ink face!! I've just gone through many of my recent photos and stuff, so I'll be posting up some of the good (and bad) times of 2015 so far. If anyone knows any hookups or couches in NEW YORK - specifically NYC at the end of MAY - PLEASE DM ME!! I will be getting flown up there to build a LIFESIZE MOUSETRAP!! Remember the game?? Well it's the size of a city block now, bitches!! And I'm building it for a huge festival in NY end of May. So let's meet up in NYC!! Or hook me up with a friend!! New stuff later today!
  17. Currently my favorite video for grabbing color schemes and ideas... [url= ][/url]
  18. It's been a while, 12oz friends. I have lots to report, lots to tell about and pictures to share, See you this weekend!!
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