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  2. i use to have the biggest crush on her, but then nick cannon went and ruined it with his retarded tattoo and poud nubian princess talk, cmon son - we all remember the dreamloiver video , then the eminem beef
  3. I want to try that on the girl I have feelings for, its ok, its just how we are. Nobody said BSM was pretty
  4. if you thought doing this WOULDNT get you on the alphabet boys watchlist (all of them) you are a fucking retard. Some of us have families and futures to consider before we throw the next 10 away fighting court battles with my invisible hacker br0s
  5. thats what happens when you do porn with a bright red dog bowl on set
  6. off the meatrack! No really boost, nobody accused you of selling drugs, now sit down, and for gods sake be carefull not to stab your sideburns through your jaw when you do
  7. casn someone PM me this link? Dont worry its not snitching BC boost put it out there himself, so feel free
  8. yeah and i worked out the whole ducking issue ears ago w/o balding commedians
  9. guys im gonna admit it, my dad is def part ginger. Not full on pale ginger, more strawberry blonde hair, but a lot of frekles. Im lucky i dont have any ginger traits, and my son def is no ginger at all.
  10. you mad now? He was just making a statement. A relevant one at that
  11. Doesn't eon live in LV? Didn't they legalize it a year ago? Also illegal weed >more bsm> legal weed
  12. Processed meats have been around for thousands of years. "Ham" is a processed meat. So is "sausage". Fyi the. Reason subway makes yu drop pounds is bc all the meat is a flavored turkey base, not pork (everything but the roast beef and chicken breast and fake steak)... so bad for you salami is really ok for you flavored turkey salami. Unless you go to a farmers market and get all organic free range chickn breast, that shit was mechanically processed from a tyson slaughterhouse with worse conditions and food quality than subway. Fast food doesn't use different means of production for their food from the rest of the food supply ~ its all from the same 5 slaughterhoues. Processed meats aren't nececarrily bad at all.
  13. We use to mercelessly throw burns at this dude in "health" class, why they thought this guy could even handle that, but he was short and squat, real napolean complex ass nigga who worked out tryin to build up calf mass. We use to call him "super mario" because he was "shorter than the other brother" and he couldn't take it. Even.tually he got fired bc he got all frustrated with the girls clowning him from behind the locker room door, so he all bust in like "who said that?!?" And got his own ass fired.
  14. my high school gym teachr tried to fight me when i saw him 5 years after he was fired in disgrace. he said "cmon, its what you always wanted" i just laughed at him and said he needed to let the super mario jokes go
  15. Nah I have this gigantic crkt "first strike" knife I could sheath up in the sides of the brace, but I'm out of it as of a month ago
  16. I don't think any post you end in "lolz" is straight gangsta, but I appreciate the enthusiasm
  17. I don't know how I went so many bedridden months without that... peopleb must not love me. Also lol at my stripper neighbors old ass boyfriend always mean mugging me in the parking lot. He bashed a hole in her neighbors door with a slap~jack bc they fell asleep watching a movie on the couch. I informed her if he had any intention of trying on my apt what he did with her neighbors and I was gonna stab him in the neck NQA. She said it wasn't gonna be a problem lolz
  18. Same thing here, no liquor license byob strip clubs. We even rolled up wth my crew, one homie wanted to get some dome in the private dance booth and paid for me and criptkeepers admission with my discount cards, but me and oher homie were twaked out and broke, so we rolled up in that bitchwith 40s of oe and just watched the stage show and none of the bitches wanted to talk to us whichwas exactly the plan. Basically if you don't want strippers to talk to you, make sure the b you byob with is a 40
  19. see, strip clubs here areworthless... they have a 3 foot rule where you gotta be 3 ft away from fully naked. Lapdances they have to wear lengere or a bikini. my neighbor says its cool makes her job easier
  20. so this proves my theory that everyone with gagues in their 3ear needed more fatherly suopervision growing up
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