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  1. this dude is mad dealing out balance props THANK YOU FOR THE PROPS LORENZO I NEEDED THEM
  2. Actually where you really came through was keeping me from pussing out on jacking this 170$ westin plush robe I rock like every day. I can't believe I lapsed like that... where would I be without this robe. I'm sure the staff wanted me to have it anyways
  3. That was a good call too because I did a line like a month ago and it made my back seize up for like 5 hours, doing it straight out the gate like that surely would have been horribler. Don't doubt guys : swamp has your best intrest at heart, plus he came through with fine hoes the next day with fat blunts, that means a lot
  4. That bitch is perfect? You either a) in middle school and a virgin, b) have real low standards or c) never seen any pornand aren't jaded like every one else
  5. Google voice ftw, I use it to txt people I jus met n call bill collectors thru... but realy its 2010 and unlimited txt plans are like 10bucks ... games should be stepped up
  6. Ke$ha aint a rich mans anything dawg, brentwood girl got smutted out repeatedly around here... so my neighbor brought over some wonderful literature (porn) and also met my girl, but no scissoring yet
  7. lol I would get his badge tatted on... he called me at like 8 am today, he needs to stop doing that I aint up
  8. i drew different ties on it and went as a ninja turtle for halloween
  9. those are nice titties chops, I think Imma plan a UK Vaycay once I get healed up sometime next year. I can get some brittatoos or whatever
  10. errr i already been over it before. the story really isnt intiresting at all, not even a badass car wreck. i dont really want to talk about it on here for legal reasons tho. Just know I shattered my shit pretty bad, swamp saw me when i was like 4 days out the hospital, he bore witness to my crippledom and pushed me around in a wheelchair n shit
  11. When she met me I was in a full body cast lol so really females are worried the whol time they are gonna hurt me , I walk with a cane and a pretty extreme limp/gangsta lean... so tbh I'm not that dude girls are hollering at to get their back broke out. Actually I got my main girlwho is kinda my girl friend by fucking the shit out of her bc I was so pilled out I just went forever, she was extremely impressed and fell in love. Actually, I think I'm getting more ass riight now than I ever have before, and I'm a fucking cripple. I'm completely non threatening (most girls really could beat me up at this point), I'm disabled and do physical therapy every day, and my body is still in hypermetabolism from the accident, so I dropped my near-30 beer gut (along with a 6th of my weight) in 2 weeks and my legs are solid muscle from having to comphensate for not being able to bend or twist for 5 months. That, and I think females just think its fun, like my attitude since almost dying towards females has really changed ~ I don't waste any time or oppertunity t talk and make my intentions known frm the start, so they just want to fuck me partially bc I'm awesome, but partially bc they want to know what its gonna be like. Chicks always eventually ask me if I can and how I do it, so I know they are qondering. Plus females really pride themselves on how they ride dick , and since they have to do all the work, its like a clinic for them. Don't get me wrong, having a shattered spine is fucking wack as hell, but all the pitty dick rides and sympathy dome make it easier to cope...
  12. yeah im hoping its some roll on deoderant or something but whatever, Ill allow it
  13. Nah according to that report only 20% of americans are functionally illiterrate, while 44% of canadians are functionally illiterate
  14. Yeah well, I have a broken spine, a 51 inch tv, and a super nintendo, so it is what it is... but she wants to fuck the girl I'm dating too so we can see where that goes next.
  15. The fact they found a way to make not bathing "cool" in their little grotopian slugciety is a testament to fat and lazy white trash everywhere
  16. If juggalos want to be taken seriously, they really need to stop posing with firearms from the wal mart toy isle
  17. I feel really good about this one guys, like I had a goal and I accomplished it. Actually I didn't expect to smash, mabee just make out and get my finger wet...but I did. She couldn't resist my BSMs
  18. I redeemed myself by fucking her like 20 min ago while watching a bootleg of predators, and nutting before she got off even after she told me to wait... so yeah, in building stripper booty call is in effect.
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