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  1. the girl i been dating blew me off sat , i was kinda sad, until stripper-neighbor came through tonight. I made sure to get her off this time tho, shes like a depression battling super hero, plus she makes little porno "oof" whimpers every time i kick her ass in street fighter.
  2. oh, im not saying I would put up with ths shit, the kid whoose room it was was the biggest meth head pussy ever. He always was getting his shit robbed, im just saying it happened
  3. I have a rule that I apply for most people (unless you are visiting on vacation for a predetermined ammount of time, which would never be more than 5 days) You can stay every OTHER day/ if you are in a hard spot, you can crash on my couch, or in my sons bedroom (not in his little bed asshole, on the futon we change his diapers on) if I don't have him. Thats the best I can do... every other night. Not 2 nights in a row. Not a weekend. Every other night... you have to wipe your own ass at least half the time no matter what your situation is. I havn't lived with a roomate I didnt fuck (no homo/s) for about 8 years now, and living with girls you date is horrible too. Although you did your part, under no circumstances let her crash on your couch like that again. I knew this one girl who pulled scams and forced her way into homes like this "hey I just need to crash on your couch for a week, not even that, just 4 or 5 days, Ill give you 50$, you can put it towards the electric bill or something" dude accepts not knowing he legally just accepted rent and has a verbal contract with a sublet tenant. after about a week dude was like "hey, its been over a week, you need to go" she would refuse to leave. she waited for everyone to leave and moved his shit in the living room and tried to take over his room. he called the landlord, who informed him of his horrible legal pitfall, and the landlord had to set through formal eviction proceedings , which take well over a month from filing to eviction... so they had to deal with this psycho bitch basically barricading herself in their bedrooms nd could do nothing about it. even if you take 5$ from a friend to crash for 1 night, if theres no written agreement, its disputable if you admit to taking the money and they are a legally protected tennant/.
  4. I'm lucky I'm not really feeling opiate life. I don't think I'll have a problem getting off this shit, its been like... 6 months straight now with another 6 on the horizon at least and its wearing thin. It really doesnt effect you the same way if you need them, Swamp and chupa can attest to how coherent I was even on my 48 mg a day dilauded script bc painkillers suppress motor skills and brain activity AFTER it supresses all the crazy shit firing off in my spinal cord. I also had ZERO tolerance to opiates going into this, i dont fuck with pills recreationally and Ive never done heroin ... I like weird letter-number drugs and angel dust
  5. I had Opanas briefly, they aRE basically extended release dilaudid. Whats fucked up is my dilauded script for 2 weeks, like 180 pills, was like 35$ no copay no insurance straight cash... but all this other shit is mad expensive, my OC script was about 330$ after my 70$ discount for a month, like 4x as expensive they wont prescribe you dilauded for shit tho, aparantly bc its so cheap and rarely seen outside of hospitals
  6. yeah they are marked with an "OP" now as well, not the "OC" which is why dumbasses get them confused with Opanas (which are Oxymorphone not Extended release oxycodone HCL)
  7. Oh and if you want to snort them you gotta tak a ped-egg to the pill, or a iron file or some shit. Fuck all that but hey, that's just word on the street.
  8. all you have to do is cut one in half to see the makeup. There's no time release coat, its ust a solid base But like I said they actually really work better than the old ones for intended use. Old ocs would hit me in waves and either be too much or not enough. These are a pretty steady release. And yeah. Just chew em up bc the label says "do not chew" duh
  9. LlI don't know how many retards I had to explain these were not "opanas" just bc they changers the label to "op"... and by "retards" I mean females
  10. Yes they are this new solid base that is not subject to CWE either, bc the base can't be ground up easily. You can do acidic extraction, which means you let it dissolve overnight in a glass of coke and drink it. I don't need to do all that tho, bc GO FIGURE if you dnt fuck with them, they actually work pretty good for alleviating pain.
  11. yeah I dont think anyone can hate on me for taking pain meds when i have a shattered spine, you cant even crush the new ones down
  12. NBB those kicks are fresh got my BSM membership card today... fuck a dispensery card
  13. We ain't got that law here, I threw a case of potato salad at some assholes truck on the interstatefor. Almost runnin g me off the road then hanging out his window and talking shit. So this motherfucker pulls in front of me (on the fast lane) and literally slams on the brakes forcing both of us to a full stop in the fast lane. As cooincidence has it, a hiway patrol officer is setting up a speed trap and sees the whole thing and pulls us over. Dude told her "he hit my car and drove off" After inspecting my car and his, and not finding any dents or paint swap she asks me if I "hit him" I told her I hit his truck. With a cup o potato salad. She laughs, tells me not to waste good potato salad on redneck assholes, and let's me drive off (I didn't even have a valad license) while chewing his ass out for almost causing a massive wreck by deliberately trying to get me to hit him. I don't know if that missile law carries weight here.
  14. Loosest pussy was a random myspace hookup with a 35 yr old military wife with 2 kids. First time I fisted a bitch.
  15. i have a suspicion that this chick i use to date is working as a sex worker I hope not, but for what its worth, I took her anal virginity while she was tied up with RCA cables
  16. One thing I've noticed, thicker chicks seem to have wetter pussies. I think skinnier chicks are kinda dehydrated
  17. I can't believe I forgot to put farve bck in the one week he did something... and I started this thread...fail
  18. I been fucking up my subs bad lately, I'm ascared to look at the result of my negligence. DAMN YOU RAMPANT WEEKEN SEX LIFE PARTICULARLY SATURDAY NIGHT SO I SLEEP WAY PAST KICKOFF....wait. fuck.
  19. Rappers are fucking retarded these days, you can't afford a weed carrir Wiz? Didn't you get started as Guccis weed carrier? You know the game cuz...
  20. Hense has mad ups in the zombie apocolypse...
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