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  1. Re: CHECKIN IN ON NIGGAS I’ve told you about Get Got before. They’ve been one of my blogworthy bands. Well, they finally have a record finished and are releasing it on December 3rd. I’m excited because they’ve asked me to be on the release show. Also, they have brought on my friends Spoken Nerd & 247. You remember that I’ve mentioned Spoken Nerd before. I also told you about 247. I’m looking forward to all of us being on a show again. It will be just like the old Cafe Coco days! Well, maybe not. But this will be a good one.
  2. people forget this is another sting. the bomb was never real, nor was the plan. this is a harmless somalian kid who was propped up by undercover agents so it looks like they are keeping america safe, but really they just set up chumps like this in stings so they can keep their jobs.
  3. thing is, bar sluts can get thAT 20$ from an0ther dude in the form of drinks. Until i figure out how to make a whore take another willing guys money, its not the same
  4. haha big smo? hes from around here, i know his "DJ"
  5. they came down on the price, you can get one online for 90$ now i washed mine with blue and red towels now its kinda off-purple, which is even greater
  6. oh yeah im livin the dream. sleeping till 4 and fuckin her when i wake up, then i get in the westin robe like a bo$$ haha i still have these leaf soaps
  7. ive never paid for sex and i dont give these hoes nuffin, but im pretty like that, other chaps cant pull off my elegance.
  8. Fuck the dumb shit. Move into the same building as a stripper
  9. just move into the same apt building as a stripper and call it a wrap
  10. also get some non-broke friends. I spent too much time in my early 20s picking up slack for bum ass niggaz, now I got a million favors, whoop tee doo
  11. lol at dude talking about having his doll "re-cored" i can only assume thats the re-vagina-ing from him getting it all crusty and cracked. I havnt looked at the maintenance tips yet, i bet that is the grimeyest shit on there
  12. i would wrather them fuck a rubber toy kid than a real one...
  13. this in buuilding stripper hook up may be the greatest thing that ever happened to me, ye verily.
  14. Oh wow at my neighbors sister, who really is her adopted sister. This gets better by the week.
  15. yeah this one was nuts "I shut it in the icebox:"
  16. yeah i mean, you would think some of these dudes have money to own 2 or 3 of these, so they got about 10 grand to spend on big fuck dolls, so they may be able to get a date possibly, just on the disposable income factor alone. some fat trashy gold digger type at least ? 5 figure sex toy money counts for something? wait what am i thinking.,..
  17. the "dolls in bondage" section holy shit http://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=22716 some of this is scary, they have accts under their dolls name and post in character, thats just psycho you have problems if you have one of these tied up in your closet. imagine if a potential date found THIS in your bed or these! WTFFFF but this is pure win
  18. Mushrooms are for hippies You pretty much are obligated to do some coke to even it out
  19. I found an ex I thought was in porn Told her She laughed and said it wasn't her and said she wanted to see it So I'm trying to find it again and use it as an excuse to watch porn with her
  20. Ive got a whole circle of friends with pseudo-businesses that do this, its the best way to get emnployed
  21. Lickin a bitch ass should be no thang unless you fuckin with some hary crack wallace and grommit ass bitches
  22. i saw boregore last night. still think his production is gimicky, but he rocked the crowd
  23. That pic must be some sort of optical illusion, he's gotta be closer to the camera right?
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