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  1. i dont think talking to other dudes on webcam is very BSM, unles you are just showing each other your BSMs on camera, but not how you do it for 6 hours at a time
  2. i didnt even realize this was the same dude on that no dj track when i first heard it, hes different so you arent gonna u,,mmm whatever
  3. my dad would have beat me to death when i was 15 with little baby gagues early too. I never even got me ear pierced, he would have laughed me out of all family occasions and dinners
  4. your dad must not be in your life, because even if i got em at my grandmas the next time he saw me with them im pretty sure he would have beat me to death, and i only saw him like 3 times a year so it would have got done early
  5. i feel horrible for all the children born into juggalo homes.
  6. my parents would have never let me have gagues in my ear when i was 17 , youre being rooked wrong
  7. and hes 17, he should def get it in soem 14 yr olds while he can lol
  8. ABC- technically its a conspiracy to distribute but unless you are dealking with fed levels of sticks dont worry, most local preceincts couldnt even figure out what TO CHARGE YOU With
  9. yeah well even if she did get in your head, you aint sposdta tell her... what are you 17?
  10. you TOLD her she was FUCKING WITH YOUR HEAD AKA admitted she has power over you... seeing as 21 isnt "old ass" its "cool young-old" this isnt going to go well for you
  11. yeah if you get sad after, it counts double against yu bc it was your own SUFLAN ass fault
  12. My main girl (not neighbor) was like "what is a fantasy of yours?" So I said "I want you to pick up another girl, tie her up, and abuse her", before I could even finish the sentence she was on the phone, trying to call friends up. It was 1 am and I appreciated her enthusiasm. Then she was like " do you know any down bitches" and my mind went to my neighbor instantly... but she was at work. Then we went to the porn store and bought a japanese bondage kit and I fucked her for 3 hours, just to prove a point. Bsmski Also she took my bulky laundry, comfortor and quilts and shit, and washed it at home. Now I'm no fallin in love ass nigga, but I think I may hve a keeper
  13. your 17 any bitch isnt that important, and unless you are fat or ugly you dont need to be falling in love till at least the mid 20s or later f you can help it
  14. yeah im pretty sure we all could have done without that
  15. yeah ive got 3 in a 24 hr period, it involved fuclkign one early at like 1 am, sleeping till about 10, fuking a girl who came over for lunch, then fucking a third one in the late afternoon. I dont even care to put forth that effort any more unless it involves fucking all 3 at the same time, and fucking 2 different females in a 24 hr period happens at least once a week nowadays... ActuALLY i let my neighbor borrow my spare shitty laptop and use my wifi so we can have internet connectivity booty calls, and avoid the super jelly maintenance man who lives across the way from her... this dude was tight about this and we been denying it the whole time. dude cant even keep his power on, has extension cords COMING FROM HER APT - come on man yu in permanent friend zone if shes letting you leech power - you never gonna get it. I was with my main girl and she was sending me facebook messages on my laptop... saying she was going to watch more porn on my laptop if idnt get home and fuck her... but i WAS home hah!
  16. i dont care for the "y" in that font
  17. key word WANTED to do, not did, was goinmg to do, or even had the capability to do. If he was important they should have tailed him and watched him until he led them to the bigger fish up the chain... but this guy was never going to get that far... so they made him another patsy. And lose him? He didnt even know how to drive I dont think the FBI is going to have a hard time tracking this guy if they really needed to
  18. this is what the war on terror has become, feds setting up harmless angry immigrants and forigen nationals as an endless series of distractions, distracting you from the fact they cant catch Osama or anyone who poses a real present threat to american security, we need stallone to nighthawk these terrorists
  19. There's no "who did it" The entire plot from start to finish was a federal sting Do you guys read thse rticles? There was never an organized plot from forigen terrorists, it was a fakebomb planted by the feds so they could bust this guy because he was too vocal about hating america. Busting this guy not only doesn't make us safer, it detracts funds and crucial man hours from tracking down real dangers to our nationand distracts all of us from the fact they can't catch osama
  20. Id wrather do neither, or get the girl to get some other chump to buy her a drink and drink off that.
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