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  1. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty Shopped. Look at the pixels by the Crocs.
  2. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty themoreyouknow.jpg
  3. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty None of that was accurate.
  4. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty I didnt eat today.
  5. You are a biting faggot piece of shit. The style is generic and your handstyle looks like something a wigger would draw up.
  6. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltRwmgYEUr8&feature=related
  7. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty Teen mom is a stupid show.
  8. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty Dollar tree sells 48ozers of Sunny D. Guess what the mark up is?
  9. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty All mexican rappers sound the same to me.
  10. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-gvE1XhJtU
  11. Odd Future Gets Signed from Odd Future
  12. Re: $%37984gt52973498ty I hate that style of graffitis.
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