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  1. you already know. early birds catch the worm...
  2. fm : why you go over me? ce : cause i want to. d
  3. and dont act surprised... you know i been wanting to shoot another with you... before i almost had a heart attack... but lets see what happens this time.
  4. lmao, it aint trickin if you got it. times have changed. lets bring the A game. we can even go where we went before...
  5. preach to you? we never chilled like that ALL... at all ... so that you can just swallow. only times we chilled was when you passed out and i wrote on you... :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled: i still got those photos ... lmao... thats when we first met. rich white boy wrote all over you... but yeah, we never really chilled until that day you were asking to work for the team... to let me boy put you under his wing... just so you dont forget... we still running this shit... so when ever you wanna meet up... you already know who to call... you already know... ill be there. so for
  6. ( "" )lol the literary knife twist... those "strong books" are kinda the only things with actual context that can be the closest to relate. breaking windows, dondi, t- kid, cope2, graffiti kings, subway art, truck art, platform graffiti... ect ect are stand points that are creditable sources ... due to the fact that its from the writers... give or take a lie or two, you have so much more coming out over time that you can reference the time points and views of writers through such... "studying" you mentioned the 80's "we werent there..." so where you talking burners? burners
  7. yeah thats media war fare... we are making our own adds to get us attention to something we can ither most likely sell or work for...
  8. ahhh thats where you are wrong, the younger generation gets hipper by the youth... proven science of human development... lil kids and their new time zone from bilingual brainwashing, to girls hitting periods earlier and development of their bodies, even kids first sexual in counters. Even the comfort zone with reflex curse words around piers, like when you used to say fuck it was to used to be bad, not its just used, the when the word shit got accepted to on tv, and that brought down the censorship level down a notch... context is also a problem, people think these kids did these things
  9. are you calling them mediocre ?" lewy and adek " cause if so, i d k man... they been deloping those styes for a while, adek with a newer ny flow and lewy with an older noodle like ny style... cause if you stand them next to people like, nekst healer Tlok cake87 ... ect ect... they have a total different style that isnt really that close to ny throws... getting up its self is part of being a toy... and is step one... even if you stay at home and practiced and thought about your style before going out there... you still a toy... in the streets...
  10. yeah of course, but we are talking about visual style only... cause you cant learn about THE KING OF STYLE CASE2 in the streets... youd need the internet or a book
  11. you forgetting the age range ... those who are developing now... are 15.. so overwhelming them with that much just makes it worse.... they start jocking all over and it turns into scramble... fuck a book the interent should be enough to help that, but its an overwhelming thing to realize.
  12. yeah, but for the last ten years there hasnt been much to look at but throws... so that goes for... all the kids who were born in 1990... and ect... they got to see the left overs of the buff from people born in the 80's started writing in the mid 90s?... the buff has been an evolving as much as this(graffiti culture) and they run concurrent considering the relationship that CLEARLY exisits... so for those stylish throws and tags... toys cant even stare at it long enough to grasp the concept... style... there are many ny style writers out there... just not as live as 95!('cause it's not.) the
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