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  1. ^the hell?? bump fatties i guess
  2. i heard in nc you have to feel like this song all the time
  3. i heard this was a good song. .
  4. good stuff^ anybody that wants to do an exchange p.m me
  5. ^weird post. but for real, a half buffed/torn down spot? more of a personal collection type thing. also, FUCKING A! i guess its summer already, hit me up if you have a couch to crash on
  6. RUINR in new york city... .. i don't know, dude just doesn't paint enough to be taken seriously
  7. greetings from vacation land, no news is good news!
  8. ^^yeah man, everything was better in the 90's.. computers, cell phone reception, the internet, anti-biotic medication, aids, kriss kross..... rad
  9. CANO! if you're on here hit me up man, i met you at the IZ THE WIZ tribute, and im gonna be up there for new years
  10. i agree, but don't mistake this as profound. everybody feels nostalgic about when they first started. i mean, of course i was having a lot of fun when i didn't give a shit about what anything looked like and was totally in the moment. but what i was doing looked terrible, and i was heating up the town for everyone else. thats why this thread is great, these guys deserve to be laughed at. their fun is unadulterated, but they are fucking it up for us who wish we could grasp that moment that we had while keeping the skills we have learned over the years that have jaded us, buk buk!
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