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  1. im in a third world country and i called the embassy all fired up, then went down there where i guess i looked out of place.. military dude makes sure i can see him behind me in the glass then snaps a clip in his 1950 m16... def on that list too... there were also a couple of emails sent that i couldnt take back.......oops you think "america" would help " americans" abroad..... just a bunch of cake eaters
  2. i saw a huge dead white german shepard a couple years back, someone just launched it off the highway>> gross
  3. sorry not graff related>>> and another no graff one... driving down the road i avoid the dead squirrel in the road car behind me steers to hit it.... in review mirror everything inside rodent squirted a good thirty yards on to the sidding of some dudes house.... fuckin gross
  4. i live where theres a ton of dot indians.... either way when there something wrong with the their car they wont safely pull over on the side.. they will instead let it sit idle in the traveling lane in the middle of the highway... im driving see some shit up ahead a pipe fell of this dudes truck so he stops in the middle of the road to get it mind you the speed limit is 75 mphs and average speed is about 90 for the fast lane people... near miss didnt think much of it. next week 7 series beemer didnt see till the last sec cuz i was drafting a suv... reaction time goes down quite a bi
  5. RELS ... got NAKE on the brain??
  6. yeah your just lackin the b boy stance
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