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  1. kinda late.. but was too stoned tha other day.. Watch if high http://blunnitville.com/ stoner vids on da way.
  2. Do a Terse. Did u hear about tusk? and whokid right?
  3. he aint my boy or nothin just trying to avoid conflict in chicago ppl.
  4. WHO WANNA EXCHANGE? and ya MAsh Rats too.
  5. mash efs. j4f man puts in work on da southside.
  6. Theres already mash.. might wanna exchange ur name first haha
  7. http://i152.photobucket.com/albums/s173/TERSE59/IMG00902-20091208-2052.jpg[/img]"] Thanks for Tha Wait Homie. The Exchange.
  8. He's prolly one of the greatest mc's there ever was hands down. His songs are dope but his concepts are crazy.
  9. yO Reyas i got u, let me roll one and shud be up by tonight.
  10. Sketch a "Terse" and what do you write?
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