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  1. Youth by Thewhat?, on Flickr Drafto by Thewhat?, on Flickr Chip by SuperKoolGrapphity, on Flickr chip 7 by feedbackjack, on Flickr chip 7 by ridebyfreight, on Flickr Eye by All Seeing, on Flickr eye by WHEEL WATCHERS, on Flickr Rime Emo Ever Bel by 36th Chamber, on Flickr Rime Seo Rip by 36th Chamber, on Flickr Draft Sape Swae by Quiet Storm., on Flickr
  2. stolen kemos e2e by kersthegov, on Flickr rime kcw msk by kersthegov, on Flickr navy8 by kersthegov, on Flickr goze by kersthegov, on Flickr koyn cdc by kersthegov, on Flickr once draft yuthe kwote by kersthegov, on Flickr graffiti nj by mike1234, on Flickr rahway NJ graffiti by thecloverhunter, on Flickr Kemos by Thewhat?, on Flickr
  3. NJ is slowly coming back... gets me wanting to go out more seeing the new irony joints and saw ethek popping back up
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