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  1. Not drinking shit because all the beer in Oklahoma is 3.2 percent alcohol, why waste my time.
  2. ^^^^had chipotle yesterday, just woke up to a a1 and buffalo burger and tots. this thread is way less stoner than I expected.
  3. seapsck


    that rekon is fire! bump tart over miagi, good lookin bro. thats what he gets for Stealing Cpo's Krew.
  4. seapsck


    its ok smoke one, he is butt hurt cause my throwies fresher!!! miagi ur not sck!!!
  5. seapsck


    if you cant paint with stocks learn to use them.
  6. seapsck


    lol I didnt post this!...... But its so so so TRUE!!
  7. seapsck


    ^^^^^ Aint none of these big headed mother fuckers shit outside of louisville, and everyone who actually knows them knows they aint shit here either. Keep on biting and being trendy its the hip thing to do these day! I only paint so people will take pictures of my graffiti and put it on the internet, why do yall paint?
  8. seapsck


    its because everyone wants to do wahts trendy instead of staying true to themselves and doing what naturally come out of them. ask me alot of people in the city are doing for the wrong reasons.
  9. seapsck


    theres some out there. go findem! The story behind that relo is hes a wack ass toy from st. louis that is but hurt because i went over him and wrote change your name, because the relo here has been painting for like 7 or 8 years (much longer than that fag) now hes just getting in over his head!
  10. seapsck


    bump all my LD brothers!!
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