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  1. Hell it's Christmas, why not give you guys some presents from the south end of town.
  2. Now I rememberwhy I haven't checked this shit in 6 months.
  3. See, the thing is, I don't need school to be successful in life. Just you're a big VCU boy now doesn't mean anything. AND I didn't get all giddy like a school girl bitch when 12oz opened registration...like I heard you did:lol: Keep jocking everyone in Richmonds nuts, writing shitty graffiti, and studying poetry. I won't be as closed minded as to tell you to change what to do. OH YEAH Mr. BigCollegeMan...it's your, not you're.
  4. huh? what about blowing a horse? wrong thread...
  5. good luck getting through that door after they went through the trouble of buffing it.
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