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  1. were you in the band uzi suicide
  2. you can be broke and not talk about gettin money in every song. late
  3. ^will do. and as i said to dude it wasnt so much a comment on his music, i like his shit, its more a comment on the state of rap and something i see in the people i make music with. it's just easy. and im not defending concious rap either that shits gay. sorry this isnt a music forum
  4. hey i honestly wasnt tryna hate, i liked it, it's just i heard the word money like 30 times in the first 3 songs, it gets old. plus so what if i rap about unicorns? them shits is sweet bro
  5. am i the only one sick of hearing "money money money money money" in hip hop? i'd post my EP on here but i know how you racist motherfuckers get about white rappers :rolleyes:
  6. onnod deletes flickr thread dies
  7. he's had a few names since then..
  8. never thought i'd say this but this picture makes me miss buff
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