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Dub Fi Gwan

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  1. Never realized a young Adam Sandler looks like young RATM Zak..
  2. Still silence.. Lookin more like Frank did a Ariel Castro & killed Frate and his missus and is now wearing his face as a mask.. :(
  3. Dub Fi Gwan


    Oh yeah during that 6 months up to xmas, i was constantly eating painkillers paracetamol & ibuprofen for the hangovers/stomach issues, looking back i haven't ate one since, it all seems so pointless for a few hours 'high'.. I've never been reliant on beer just always loved the flavour. i'm going to drink in the future but i want to be able to enjoy it like anything else..
  4. Dub Fi Gwan


    I was drinking pretty much 5 outta 7 days a week for the 6 months up until xmas, then mid Jan i just stopped, i was suffering burning stomach pain all day all night couldnt enjoy food anymore, i've had two seperate nights drinking since & instantly the burning returned, headaches, joints sore so i'm leaving alone now for a good while. Weird its been a part of every week for me since i was 15..
  5. That whole last 20 mins biker story was better acted, more authentic, more tension, than 5 SOA seasons put together! Brutal.
  6. Yep has been fascinating so far, loved McConaughey's ' Mainlining to the secrets of the Universe..'
  7. Just found Larry on constant stream.. http://www.stream2watch.me/series/curb-your-enthusiasm-live-stream
  8. yep, plus i shagged the bosses daughter at the xmas party tonight, no jobby in the new year too.. hope she aint with child (no rubbery friends..)
  9. Cold in the Shire tonight, cricket on the radio from Aus, booze & tabs for later..
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