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Everything posted by methamphetamyne

  1. Nekst / Adek by mikeion, on Flickr desert storm by aeschleah, on Flickr Climbing high to scout the mesh of streams of the Markarfljót river. by www.AlastairHumphreys.com, on Flickr
  2. oontz. havent been on in a whileeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  3. haha ear part was funny. im anxious to know how the sargeant is.
  4. summer holiday 2011 #42 by Hideaki Hamada, on Flickr Under The Sea by DdotG, on Flickr travel_0053 by thewolvezz, on Flickr Untitled by *dapple dapple, on Flickr 大崎の鼻  小槌島 by *dapple dapple, on Flickr
  5. When fire and water mix by ZensLens, on Flickr FourEff by Neil Ta | I am Bidong, on Flickr Sunset in the Sonoran by Yellow Fluff, on Flickr A Northern Soul by Neil Ta | I am Bidong, on Flickr I was taking a photo of the subway and she moved into the shot. I didn't realize until I checked tonight. by Half my Dad's age, on Flickr The Red Zone by Brian.Nguyen, on Flickr
  6. closing in on the last hour of a 5 hour class.
  7. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA that letter is awesome. i'd be excited if I ever got one that looked like that. this part reminded me of this guy, "..ze weather does not encourage ze paintings tu drie vurry wail..
  8. First episode was good. Anybody catch it?
  9. card aint that good, in my opinion. looking forward to seeing Etim tho.
  10. Untitled by joecooke, on Flickr San Francisco Peninsula 鸟瞰夜晚的旧金山半岛 by Y. Peter Li Photography, on Flickr
  11. Hell's Gate by kwsnyc, on Flickr Fox & Twist by Sean Gordon, on Flickr
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