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Everything posted by methamphetamyne

  1. Baja Quesadilla Burger with fries from Denny's
  2. There's nothing left at all? That depresses me. But for sure. I'll take a closer look around old sac. Thanks.
  3. massgraff you little devil you. I was actually able to find one of my much needed textbooks. Thanks a lot.
  4. Been here almost a year actually, man. I'd like to flick abandoned places. I've been in the downtown area exploring here and there but not so much.
  5. On another note, I can't express how much I hate buying textbooks. Someone lend me a hand and help me obtain a textbook downloadable PDF or something. That'd be great.
  6. Hate waking up early for class, maaan. Currently finishing up some assignments.
  7. A couple I took. Still wanting to explore more of this city.
  8. In class, checking out the upgraded site of this... site.
  9. Anyone know of some good areas in Sacramento to shoot? Been wanting to wander around but have no idea where to start.
  10. Are these freights from all over? Or one specific place?
  11. just sat down in class, which i am failing at the moment.
  12. Taking a semester off man. But I'm on track and everything is good. How are things on your side?
  13. Massgraff, you slick mutha. I looked you up a second ago.
  14. I haven't been on the site for a while now and just went through 20+ pages thoroughly.. Fuckin' KIR. You the man. Be safe my dude.
  15. Anybody know if Opera is a good internet browser? I'm checking out the oontz after a 5 month absence.
  16. Anybody know where I can watch this online somehow? FX got removed from my Comcast programming, fuckin blows.
  17. Untitled by سمية الناصر, on Flickr The money is there by Irene Ruscalleda, on Flickr Orage d'été sur la Côte d'Azur - Summer storm over French Riviera (EXPLORED) by FabricePics, on Flickr
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