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Everything posted by methamphetamyne

  1. Dear favorite coworker who left, Please come back. I used to look forward coming to work knowing I'd see you but now that you left work has been so depressing. I've been training your replacement and she's pretty good at the job but she isn't you. Sadmeth
  2. At work. Thinking about taking some time off for my birthday next month and go to Portland for a weekend or something.
  3. Day off. Got drunk with homies and now I’m sleepy this early.
  4. One more and a half and I’ll have an early Saturday to get drunk with some homies
  5. I basically check produce and any defects it may have been packaged in. The company I work for recently, as in the last year or two, acquired a new client called YUM which consists of food chain restaurants like Pizza Hut, A&W, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, and KFC. So they're really strict about how they want their product's temperature, cut sizes and all that little shit. I'm at work M-Sat, 2:30 pm - 1:30. But Saturdays it's from 2:30 pm - to any where between 1-5:00 am depending on the quantity of the orders.
  6. Waiting for direct deposit to kick in so I could pay some bills.
  7. I shouldn’t be awake this early. These 12 hour shifts got me fucked up.
  8. Dear 2008 me, Your posts and the way you posted is embarrassing to read. Disappointingly, meth
  9. Wondering why I decided to be quality assurance in the first place. Pretty sure it's just my supervisor that I want to deck so bad.
  10. At work. Finally dealt with the Pizza Hut order now to kill time till 2 am.
  11. At work getting ready to wash down the machinery.
  12. Still at work running evaluations. I want to go home.
  13. An Adidas jacket for work. Wow have I been away from here in a long time. Apparently I forgot how to link pictures. Ehh.
  14. Had Panda for lunch. Now I'm back at work doing product evaluations wanting to shit.
  15. Killing time at work. Randomly remembered Channel Zero.
  16. Aka the converse under my bed with fuck all wear and tear
  17. Just got off from work. Randomly thought of Channel Zero as I waited for a Team Deathmatch on BF1. Been awhile.
  18. Took this in the early hours of the morning when the fog was consuming the road.
  19. Trying to read next class' history articles.
  20. Good to see KIR still doing things. Ran into him about year and a half ago at this local car show in my hometown. Dude is so down to earth. Be safe, KIR.
  21. Finishing up some homework. Drinking a couple of beers.
  22. waiting to get out of class to head to a job training.
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