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  1. Awesome work all around, what a treat to catch up.

    I took a trip to Portland after my last post in this thread, around September. I'll get to developing some film soon if my regular place is still doing business during these times. 

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  2. 12 hours ago, GnomeToys said:

    RIght on.  I only have the mail-in options here and the E6 kits  looked crazy expensive until I found out you can re-use each bath until they quit working, just tack another 30s bath time on.   So, prolly ordering one of those once I clear out some other projects. 

    Dope. Looking forward to seeing those! On a side note, I had forgotten I posted some of my negatives on here last year haha. Have shot more since then and I'll be posting the decent looking in the next couple of days.

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  3. On 8/17/2018 at 4:14 PM, CALIgula said:

    They still haven't dropped the prices but here's what i got from today (8/17/18)...


    s9 unlocked:

    $720 for 64GB

    $770 for 128GB

    $840 for 256 GB


    s9+ unlocked:

    $840 for 64GB

    $890 for 128GB

    $960 for 266GB


    i have no idea what the price drop on these are going to be, but im hoping that they drop by like 15% soon...if i dont see a good price drop i might just wait till black friday....if i dont see anything good by then, I might just get the note 9 if that drops too.

    Geez. Think I'm good with 64GB on the S9+. Either way, I'm gonna upgrade at the end of the month if the prices drop. If not, I'll ask the associates at the store if they know of any price drops. Anyway, thanks Cali.

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  4. On 8/12/2018 at 11:25 PM, CALIgula said:

    if you go with the s9, i'd get the s9+ instead....but wait a bit because the price should be dropping any week now.


    samsung is also taking pre-orders for the samsung note 9 ...they did an unpacking event 3 days ago in brooklyn....it semms like its going to be a pretty dope phone, but the 128GB is gonna cost $1,000 and the 512GB is going to be about $1,200....thats pretty steep as far as im concerned.

    Thanks man. What would be the original price as opposed to the new price? I'm really considering the s9/s9+ since a couple of my friends have been really recommending them.

  5. 15 hours ago, GnomeToys said:

    I like the bottles.   Are you processing your own film or sending it out?  I've got a bunch of Velvia 120 / 220 I shot a while ago still and don't want to pay $10 a roll to get done, thinking about one of those new-ish E6 kits...

    Thanks, man. And nah, I take them to a local camera shop downtown and they process them right there for cheap. I don’t think I’d have the time to do it myself. But yeah, do whatever feels right and post the negatives here!

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