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  1. i saw a video online about SLC graff a good while ago... sorry i have no idea what it was called but there was some serious talent to be witnessed. especially this dude KUHR, i think his name was.
  2. more crews should be down with higher education. solid.
  3. what's up with the ROLEX piece at hampshire college? nice addition to the tour. and it was good to see some LIMER tags inside buildings after i saw some highway action from him/her on the way up there. i guess YL likes hampshire.
  4. that handstyle is growing on me loose, effortless, and of course original
  5. it's not "okay" for any race to dress like that. that's a personal fashion choice and personally i don't think anyone should wear those kind of clothes (no diplomats diss) but no one ever said it was okay for black and spanish kids to dress like that.
  6. it says graffiti i dig how rime's E folds into the M on those throwies
  7. Put it on your pad a thousand times before you put it on the street! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE PLEASE keep it in the house until it's ready to play OUTSIDE!
  8. that interview is really inspirational nice work by this guy; from reading his answers i can tell he's got a smart head on those shoulders too his choice of name and letters really breaks convention... i like how this dude thinks
  9. for real. when i start scrawling on a piece of paper it ends up being completely covered up in ink because i keep writing til the page turns black. even the girl who is extremely ADD, with a healthy taste for ritalin, who sits next to me in my french class freaks out when i dont stop. haha, and i was never really a hyperactive kid. sometimes thinking about letters keeps me up at night. graff has fucking ETCHED itself into my brain, no lie. wow this is corny as hell and extremely nerdy. but fuck it. sure as hell doesn't bother me. live free.
  10. does anyone find themselves writing invisible tags or letters with their fingers? like even when there isn't dust or fog to wipe away. just looking like an idiot with some mental disorder, writing to himself invisibly thinking his finger is a pen. i know i cant be the only one. even when my brain is busy working on something else, i'm still structuring letters in the back of my head...
  11. well then i hope he wasn't the only one who got paid.
  12. just curious, anyone know if cope did everything himself?
  13. atlerinty


    haha did anyone else notice that song "buy another gun" in war4? i thought that shit was hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgaAzXtJRaI
  14. haha that TRAV throw-up T makes me want to eat some shrooms. goddamn that shit is on point!
  15. bump that NICER! from atlanta to mtl
  16. haha... phone number on the building in the back let me know its NJ. no wonder there's some PK.
  17. man i been seeing these shef flicks for months. fresh. bump flesh sword for that back info.
  18. DAMN thats wassup ADM stay up
  19. seize i dig your shit back to bombinscience but damn does that hand say OMA? cant read it
  20. das funny you write alts... that second piece is going places kid. dont waste your time askin for colors, just pick ones that work together as a scheme.
  21. atlerinty


    kues- fluff the top right point of that S up, curve it or something and bump squidward. i been puttin this shit up lately
  22. Naw he was askin for the whole thing instead of just parts!!!! That was part one Just watch em in sections suck it up man
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