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  1. atlerinty


    not saying you did it on purpose. i'm just saying i can tell where you got some influence. good shit.
  2. sorry i cant help just wanna say this album kicks ass.
  3. sleigh bells beach house dirty projectors regina spektor there i said it. used to loathe female vocals but as i grew up i learned to appreciate.
  4. http://graffitianalysis.com/
  5. Ab Aeterno was beautifully mastered, and arguably the most important episode to date. Who would have thought that the island could be explained with a simple wine bottle? Genius.
  6. hense patterns? i'd let him do the decorating.
  7. sick, does that say 'skeme'?
  8. Shouldn't hate on a man for making a living. Great art should be valuable.
  9. from Hense's show "Surface Strength" last night in the A sorry about the poor lighting on this one, i definitely thought that this was one of his strongest pieces: here is the same photo rotated. i thought looking at it from a different perspective gave it almost new meaning. my apologies for not being the best photographer. all i had was my phone. hense is a really talented artist and seemed like a pretty cool, humble dude from what i could gather. his transition from big block letters to this sort of work is key in the progression of a very up and coming movement. props.
  10. do you notice how he lies down when traffic is coming? it's not the city, these guys just know how to fucking execute. team fucking work. heat in nyc is probably not much different than in la (correct me if im wrong) , and i doubt there are less people who decide to call the police and report suspicious activity.
  11. saute wish i had thought of that...
  12. who decides what a hipster is? it's all in a name. hate to be cliché, but fuck a label.
  13. i can't get over that handstyle
  14. from the viceland article: "At one point I get all weepy thinking of Sacer last night on the roof, plummeting into the void, supernova-ing. He pats my shoulder consolingly. He’s too beautiful a soul in an ugly world to burn out like that, but I suppose that’s why his life has to be constantly on the verge of sacrifice to make that point." eerie. could have used a little knock on wood. rest in peace to an amazing artist and evidently a beautiful soul.
  15. best name ever. hands down. because of this dude i doubt i will ever really decide on a name.
  16. whether he likes it or not, he changed the aesthetics of French graff for sure. no need to be fans on the sidelines, the man does his thing.
  17. there's luck in the name
  18. he's lucky because there's so much you can do with that letter combo
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