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  1. theyre all from some photobucket.
  2. atlerinty


    I think you guys are kinda going a little overboard here. Numbers are kinda cool. There are definitely worse threads.
  3. Has anyone mentioned Todd Barry? Todd Barry.
  4. Think about it. You wanna roll a nice cone. But you don't need that much of your good herb to get you nice and baked. So fill the extra space with tobacco and save your stash/cash.
  5. Seinfeld for sure. I have a good feeling about this one...
  6. I'm better at bagging my own shit anyways. Bottle of Listerine gets its own bag? Forget about that.
  7. atlerinty


    Saw it at midnight opening day. Smoked a fat king-sized before, and I think it was a little too indica to allow for serious movie watching. I actually fell asleep in the middle (I know, I know) but was able to follow. Liked it, but knew I had to see it again. So I did, soberly. This movie is really good, but I think the creative license was used a little too loosely in its writing. I'm not really a science fiction guy, so maybe it's just me, but I thought it pretty stupid the way they explained most of the technology and the rules behind it. Something about dream-sharing doesn't make sense? Don't worry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt will explain it in a few words. Of course, that didn't happen TOO often, but you catch my drift. The ending was perfect.
  8. Nothing happens frequently during road trips... just sayin Oh also, Umphrey's McGee
  9. Re: Random fucking pics
  10. atlerinty


    It wasn't bad, but you can tell it's not gonna make it.
  11. I honestly doubt he was on any drugs. He sounds a lot like the people who used to drop mad acid and smoke like crazy, but now belong to new age spiritual groups. This video made my day. "Wow... wow... look at all those turkies" was like the sequel to me.
  12. atlerinty


    Todd Barry is on the show tonight. In other words, I'm gonna check it out.
  13. Bicycle kick to the FACE!!!!
  14. HOUR had some of the best hands in Paris.
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjdfEvzBPz0 Wavves
  16. ^^ Talk about low key... Learn how to roll king size spliffs. Shit's pretty. Invest in a vaporizer. No, it doesn't have to be a volcano.
  17. Took a long plane ride recently Precious Invictus Taking Woodstock Oh and LA HAINE. Absofuckinglutely. See this movie, please.
  18. We're on the same boat, gooch. I really did not know what to think at first. It took a few days, some reflection, and some discussion for it to sink it. Great fucking show, and a beautifully crafted ending.
  19. I saw some of GESUS, some of the better work. 42 killed it as well.
  20. Left before DMB. One of the best decision's I've ever made.
  21. Who went? Who had the time of their life? I did. Anyone else overwhelmed by the amount of shitty graffiti? Just curious.
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