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  1. Whuts going on here?? anything??? Anything funny? well this should make you laugh.
  2. Golden shit right here. and this late last night I fell asleep, So Im going to watch it again today.
  3. IrakFood


    this is how I keep mines clean. http://www.jasonmarkk.com/ I got the same pair of Vandals, except mines has a White Sole.
  4. It's mostly Theo photoshopping. :lol: :lol:
  5. http://www.tastypuff.com/ Get off they nuts. I gots Cali Orange, Electric Banana, and Opium. shits is kinda cool.
  6. "The Road of Excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom" William Blake
  7. that's abandoned??? Get some good flicks if you mean your going there today.
  8. IrakFood


    nah them shits is ragged. these are the ones like neo. the fallen heros.
  9. IrakFood


    Turtz. I didn't even see your hand. But this right here. Equals a closed case. MFW killed it with this.
  10. yes!!! and a few other by Anthony Burgess. I watched these flicks yesterday. You all should know this, Charlie Sheen in his Dodge Interceptor. Mashing niggas into little piles of shit. and Baby Cart to Hades, what can you say part 3 to the Lone Wolf and Cub Series. Mad niggas get sliced up in this one.
  11. This I rank in my top 5 all time fav. This movie is gold from start to finish.
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