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  1. i write SPORE and im having trouble making the POR part work. mostly the PO. any help?
  2. when is pictures of her tits
  3. Fuck, Taco Bell is the tits pajamers. i went to the states last summer and ate there like everyday, shit was the best, and cost me like nothing.
  4. Man, cause lego sucks these days, back in the day it was the best. but now it's shit. women = teh exact same as the first one since the beggining of time = awesome
  5. man lego was the fucking best thing ever. but now all the sets are like harry potter and shit and come in like 3 peices and its not a challenge to build them or create or anything. not to mention how expensive they are. fuck. im going to have to go with women.
  6. lets see them canvases cards or just drawings, whatever you're making for your girl. ima post mine in a bit.
  7. Im highly doubting JA has emptied more cans then all of MSK put together homie.
  8. yeah, i thought so. also Entlebucher Sennenhund dogs are sweet.
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