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  1. Not very high quality but still content.
  2. Is it just me or does that ^^ look like a huge Festek bite?
  3. Spring is finally fucking here.. now watch that I said that it'll get cold as hell again.
  4. Exactly. I work my ass off to support myself and buy the things I wanna buy, but I have to watch my spending otherwise I'll be in the shitter, like many people. Why should I use my earned money to support somebody who just doesn't feel like working?
  5. What a gay thread. Kind of hard to rack Montana, considering it's either a) on the internet, or b) behind the counter at a store
  6. Nobody else thinks that broad is sexy? Damn.. lol
  7. Damn congrats man, you can write letters with a can of black spray paint.
  8. Bump the Vegan on the first page. Saw it sitting off the Kennedy in Chicago a while ago. Funny seeing it all the way out in bumfuck nowhere. lol
  9. Meh.. if Milwaukee had about a million more people it wouldn't be that way.. too bad it's dying.
  10. Meh.. if Milwaukee had about a million more people it wouldn't be that way.. too bad it's dying.
  11. Any major(maybe 1 to 1.5mil plus) city would be good. I like Chicago, would like it alot more if the buff wasn't so strong. New York I'd imagine would be great. It's just the people in small cities/with small town attitudes that are gonna call the cops when they see you painting. Most people in larger cities have their own shit to worry about, and are more used to seeing activity.
  12. That's funny, because a couple years ago I "grew out of it", but as time went by I started back up.
  13. A few times, I find that if I think about it before I go to sleep I'll usually have a dream about it.
  14. Hahaha. I didn't go out for a little bit when I got my job, but that was only temporary. I probably would quit if I was facing some (serious) jail time.
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