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  1. you look at any random thread on here and every other page is some newjack jealous screenname trying to hate on people who did graff before they even knew what it was, i almost wish every negative comment on every thread was edited out. 90% its a toy or someone jealous and even if by chance they are a REAL writer and i use that word loosely, its just someone they have beef with
  2. YEAh nice start keep the flicks coming and japan has some really nice fills and color combos
  3. bump that ouija jive 1 2 knockout and i heard jas7 will knock you out
  4. thats the best spot i have ever scene in my life period!!
  5. look out i heard druid is so fast , that when he gets in a fight you might not even see him ever get to throw a punch. internet one story reality well sorry kid will always be reality
  6. bonus tars diar king coup and graff life i am hypothesizing by jaber?
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