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  3. Went passed the flea markets today. Sending used post cards to loved ones. Maybe my new wheels. Polizei busting a dude for selling mace, knives and knuckle dusters. Free bed spread with your Schnauzer. Best street peformer ever. Banker cuntz.
  4. Yeah it's tolerated which is different to being legal. Wake up to yourself and face reality, the average citizen hates 'tagging' and for a government to legalize graffiti would be suicide. No matter how many legal walls you put up it won't stamp out graffiti.
  5. Give me an example of a city or country where I can see your theory in play.
  6. LUGR - Lazy but i'm still traveling sort of so I might make one. i eat babies - check your PM.
  7. I went late last summer. Went to the Kazantip festival which was awesome, it's located on the Black Sea in the Crimea peninsula. If you make down there it's the Ukrainian and Russian summer holiday get away so it can be busy. Expect no one to speak english to you. Try and get to Balaklava (has an awesome disused sub-terrian sub marine base from the cold war) or Yalta. We spent a few nights in Kiev as well which was cool and also made our way to Chernobyl (a must do). Kiev was totally different to the rest of the Ukraine and expect to pay 'European' prices on everything. We got around the Crimea by hiring a driver which worked out to be pretty cheap between us. I couldn't give you any advise on hitch hiking though. The roads are pretty sketchy and be prepared to be in a car with no set belts traveling at 160km/h on dubious roads. Have fun and safe travels.
  8. Really appreciate the advice morton! I'm going to be selfish and ask another question... Has anyone been to the Catacombs in Paris (illegally)?
  9. Cheers Morton. I'd most likely be going solo, i'll keep in mind the whore selling. I was under the impression that although it's a muslamic country the spoke French? Would you suggest I organise a tour or backpack it? Not sure when you went but I'm aiming for mid-feb which is nice and warm but not unbearable.
  10. Has any one been to Morocco? I'm thinking of a week trip flying into Marrakesh, then making my way up to Fez and flying out from there. Cheers.
  11. Haha I pat random passing dogs too. The person I rent with owns two of these... Greater Swiss Mountain Dog So they're my substitute for the minute.
  12. Photos from home - probably the biggest thing I miss
  13. Re: THE AUSTRALIA MEAT UP/WHATEVER ELSE ; ) THREAD VERSION 2.0 Like wise! All the best for the new year scum bags...
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