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  1. On 10/31/2020 at 4:18 PM, ndv said:


    This is something I have heard foreigners talk about which got me to thinking.  I wonder how many countries place bets on US elections.  I bet there's some kinda money in it.  I am sure its gotta be pretty exciting in some ways for people outside the US.

    Easy money on trump losing, unless you're living in the US, you'd not know how silly the US is under Trump to the rest of the world

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Mercer said:



    Got home from work today, wife killed it tonight with this spicy shrimp with harissa dip (Recipe from NYT App).





    Fucking delicious, especially the tortilla Española aka potato omelet bottom right.





    Then she told me she paid $20 for this "slate cheese tray" AKA roofing motherfucking shingle, probably "repurposed" by a Brooklyn hipster. She took the bus today to pick up this fresh blue corn polenta sourdough bread that was baked today locally for the grey market.


    All and all an excellent, might start my own "slate cheese tray" company after checking prices at the roofing supply house.

    Ooooh that looks good and presented so well

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