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  1. now i remember, there's a few: eatso dawood justin timberlake
  2. drunken asshole oner and that other dude who's on his nuts all the time. i can't remember his name.
  3. how could i ever forget meet DJ Jubilee: watch the whole thing. i rarely laugh out loud at stuff i see on video, but this does it for me. this is the guy who's to be held responsible for starting the hilarious phenomenon of sissy (tranny) rappers in this retarded city. he did so by signing "katey red" (see "Y2Katey Da Millenium Sissy above). laughs galore. he is also a special ed substitute teacher at a local high school.
  4. best fred in very rong time.
  5. Re: DAO has moisturizer next to his bed. uhmmm...drunken asshole oner?
  6. Re: DAO has moisturizer next to his bed. i just noticed this. def. should have aborted. he doesn't stand a chance.
  7. false. the person below me is overweight.
  8. ^and now yer brainz has a big dent in it.
  9. Re: Channel 0 Contest Brainstorming it's like DAO is on a crusade to make sure that all of 12oz understands that he is in fact an asshole, and the handle isn't a joke.
  10. Re: Channel 0 Contest Brainstorming i just figured out that you aren't. regardless, shame on you for tryna crash catface's party.
  11. Re: Channel 0 Contest Brainstorming wait, are you a girl? if you are, don't fucking tell us that shit. shame on you, bitch.
  12. hahaha. i said the guy giving the bump was my former roomie, not the fatty girl, dumbass. i'd never live in an upstairs apartment with someone that huge. the floors would cave in & i'd lose my deposit.
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