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  1. misery and hedake on the racks
  2. The homies icehouse, eggroll and stoeski. Shit happens and then ya paint some more browes.
  3. smash^, one of these individuals is a blood relative...smh.
  4. Bogus/Goes jams are beasty.
  5. EGG MONEY, thats chicken talk...word to Gucci Mane.
  6. One time I got jumped....now im gay, that Awal is crispy!
  7. My guys looks, pages and smezer. I dont know bout you bruhs....but id rather be at the layup then on the internet in a chat room, just my 2 pennys.
  8. Celm with the S, SICKER leanin and the homie Leder.
  9. Looks like yall had some company, bring dem flicks on homie girl.
  10. that mecro...........................*gives up on graff lifing*
  11. Whoever posted the frog shit awhile back, fuck you.
  12. Looks like vandalism to me, flicks would be kewl dough.
  13. caught wanna dem hops before, obsoe out there steezin.
  14. da browes bars and ruiner handies, pyle always come proper no doubt and whos got close flickage?
  15. style king hery, tall boy bunga, that crispy clean slezy and always mia pages
  16. herb makes a good point, not knockin any dudes that put in work. Styles are supposed to be created and pushed, not bitten and duplicated. But everyones got an opinion, right assholes!?
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