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  1. misery and hedake on the racks
  2. The homies icehouse, eggroll and stoeski. Shit happens and then ya paint some more browes.
  3. smash^, one of these individuals is a blood relative...smh.
  4. Bogus/Goes jams are beasty.
  5. EGG MONEY, thats chicken talk...word to Gucci Mane.
  6. One time I got jumped....now im gay, that Awal is crispy!
  7. My guys looks, pages and smezer. I dont know bout you bruhs....but id rather be at the layup then on the internet in a chat room, just my 2 pennys.
  8. Celm with the S, SICKER leanin and the homie Leder.
  9. Looks like yall had some company, bring dem flicks on homie girl.
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