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  1. flip flop hubs......daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmnnnnnn
  2. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Sounds like you are a straight up bigot
  3. Ever think that maybe the weighed the options of having a separate menu but then realized that pork isnt really healthy anyway so they just took it off. Really where anywhere says that pork is a great meat to eat? If you really are mad about your kid not being able to eat pork at school, then you should also protest how they took sodas out of schools as well. Isnt it a child's right to drink sugary drinks and get hyped up on caffeine!!! OUTRAGE!!! GET THE TORCHES!!!
  4. Dude, have you figured that they dont put Christmas trees in schools is cause that is not the place for them? School is about Math, Science, Reading and Arts....not about stupid holidays based on corporate marketing and superstitions. And Halal and Kosher are the same dietary needs. So when they are taking pork off the menu they are doing it for Jewish people as well. So really they are catering to two types of people Also this is the last post I will make in this thread cause really its stupid as fuck. Religion?? No Thanks!
  5. Whatever fruitcake, you are the one arguing with some euro about bullshit over the internet.
  6. Um no...I have seen that kind of antics more in tight pants hipster fixed gear vids Most bmx vids I see guys doing sessions and lines with no one around one of my favorite edits
  7. R@ndomH3ro


    Not my bike duder, its Fat Ralphy's. This is my bike BMX, Ride or die. Gravy Robbers for life!!
  8. Nigel Sylvester is always sick...I think he also rides for 10 Deep, how hip hop is that?
  9. R@ndomH3ro


    Yo chain is mad saggy and will one day slip if you dont tighten it. It doesnt have to be tight as hell, but a little play is good enough
  10. Easterns are weak at the seat tube, I have seen some snap on jumps...evil evil shit. I am got a great deal today on a rear wheel MacNeil Cassette Hub laced to an Aliennation 440 rim = 60bucks shipped Awesome, those MacNeil hubs alone are 140 bucks and up
  11. Nah, I just couldnt fit it in my schedule...maybe some other time
  12. Everyone here is visibly upset. I think that working out for the sake of being fit and healthy is awesome, if your goal is to be the guy with the biggest muscles then that is your goal. My goal is to be fit, and to be able to do anything that is physically challenging like it is easy. I run, I lift, I crossfit, I ride a bmx, its awesome. Also it is part of my job to be physically tough and I like it If you want to do yoga then fine, if you want to lift heavy weights and be anabolic then okay, but me...I am going to be tough and lean
  13. I was waiting for the movie plug...fake ass "real or not?" type trailers
  14. I never knew that eastern made ti frames
  15. Anyone see the new Times Magazine cover? Really got me thinking if it is true with the debate over the 911 "Mosque" and the recent spike in hate crimes against muslims. I dont have a pulse on the American people living overseas, but I do see a small section of people that I work with that this statement is true. A lot of people I work with have thrown the word "Haji", "Ninjas", (when talking about women in full burka), and other words that are demeaning to Muslim community. Now in my additional duties I am the Equal Opportunity Advisor and I have stopped many people from sayin
  16. I hope he goes off a jump and dies
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