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  1. What are you taking besides protein shakes (no homo), creatine, and eating like a beast? Ever think you might not be making enough testosterone? Eat some nuts (more no homo) Get plenty of rest, quit drinking, and stop jerking off to /b/ and have sex with real girls. Also is your protein soy protein? Soy raises the levels of estrogen in your body...eat meat (even more no homo)
  2. Man, all this weight gain and I am trying to lose weight. I need to stay lean, already lost 8 pounds in four weeks. Diet is like 80% of all your goals, Casek you need to just cut down on cardio and eat a lot and lift heavy
  3. Columbia Omni Tech Titanium Jacket, size Medium. You can zip in a liner and have two jackets in one! No rips, no tears, great condition...I got this in Europe they dont sell this model in the States so you will have the only one!!! $150 All sales do not include shipping, PM me and I will give you a shipping quote. Paypal only my duders
  4. Bump and update to selling Fit S3 in purple, awesome stem looks great!! $25 Tektro Lever, minor scratch $5 Plain Black Stem, $10 Brand new Tektro 990 brakes, $20 Stolen Class Ring, $10 Haro Knee savers painted pink, paint is chipping off but no dents in the bars,$20 Primo Mag Pedals, I will put new pins, no grind damage just paint coming off, $25 Poverty love seat and seat post, $20 Subrosa railed seat and post, those marks are just dirt and I will clean em off when bought, $20 Brand
  5. While you guys are arguing I am hitting the gym...later
  6. Maybe, thats why I am holding out on your BBs....I am afraid that the shipping is going to be super expensive.
  7. They say the same thing about energy drinks, but i wake up early and fucking work all day. When I go to work out I am fucking tired...just dont take a shit ton of it, it says to do three scoops but I did that once and it made me feel like I was on bad meth...so I just do one scoop or drink a redbull I dont do it all the time, just when i am exhausted from work and have no energy to finish my workout
  8. I have the same problem, but for me its cause I wake up early work all day then work out in the evening, I usually gulp down a energy drink or drink some NO-EXPLODE to get the get up and go to pump out my work out. But for you it looks like diet, you cant put regular unleaded gas into a corvette and expect it to preform at its peak. Try adding healthy foods in your diet, beans and brown rice is a pretty cheap and inexpensive meal, and you are getting proteins and carbs that you need to get through the day
  9. Nah, they are fitted. I just have mad sweaty feet :lol: I only got blisters on instep and big toe, taping should help and maybe putting some powder or lube (LOL)
  10. Only way to get big gains is to lift heavy, really you need to start working out with a partner
  11. I have some and I run and work out in them, they are awesome. Only thing about running in them is seriously get used to them first and start light. I put them on day one and ran my usual mileage. I got mega blisters and it made my calfs so sore I could barely walk. You run in a different way then in running shoes (mostly land on the balls of your feet, instead of heel-toe) and use different muscles in your legs and ankles, but they really work. Usually i have a soreness after running from an old injury where I tore my arch, running in these no pain at all, they are awesome. Also make sure
  12. I kind of like the blue spokes
  13. Lucky we dont bomb his sorry ass into medieval times
  14. In Soviet Russia, BMX RIDE YOU!!!
  15. It happens to beginners in running, you will get over it. You mostly get side stiches from running balls out with no proper work up. I know you are trying to compete with the big dogs but take it down a notch, you will get there. In the mean time drink plenty of water and you will eventually get over it as your cardio imporves
  16. NICE!! Where are you at Civil Victims is from a town not to far where I am (Stuttgart), they play here all the time and are awesome, I posted an album of theirs a few pages back
  17. R@ndomH3ro


    I ride my bmx for run, I ride my bmx to work (10 miles) I thought you guys were some hardcore bike riders
  18. R@ndomH3ro


    You should, also check out the BMX thread. Lots of riders and oldschoolers like yourself. I have been riding BMX since I was a kid in the 80s as well. I still ride and its awesome
  19. Fuck max squatting, if you can do one legged squats you are the man Also doing air squats on a ball or balance board is hard as shit, I tried and can only do like 20 before I fall off
  20. Sometimes the make is stamped as well, what does it say? Also a sneak peak at the new 2011 Sunday Completes http://www.sundaybikes.com/v3/2010/09/10/2011-completes-preview/#top All chrome on the Signature bikes, and a Pro edition Model C....damn son
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