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  1. Shai isnt a hippie....dude is a true hessian
  2. I have a Stolen Class Ring 25t for sale
  4. This doesn't even make sense, learn proper grammar.
  5. I for see that you will have a short time here
  6. All you Aaron Ross fans, his new bike
  7. HAHA, I am glad that Bruce Leroy kid won....he has a really good attitude. Also I thought that Jersey Guy said he would never tap??? What a shit talker
  8. Get one of those new Sunday completes...they are awesome, and a deal for the components they put on it. You want a 21"tt or bigger for your big ass
  9. I was just on facebook your post is full of lies
  10. haha, I recant my statement, that shit was brutal. I think it was the wall jump then to squats combination But I did it, time was 32 minutes
  11. Yeah, when I first put my bike together waiting for my other wheels in the mail... NOW THEY ARE FOR SALE!!!
  12. Haha, really man. Running is okay, but its not something that you can replace with some other cardio exercise. Swimming, biking, cross country skiing, stuff like that. Running is an art that can either help your cardio or fuck your body up. if it wasnt part of my job to run, I would rather swim or ride bikes
  13. I wouldnt, if your knees are swelling when you run then something is wrong. Take it easy and ice that fucker down
  14. I dont want to sound like an asshole but this seems easy.. Are those air squats or with weight? I might try this today.
  15. I dont have a single wall rims? I got an Aliennation 440 with a Macneil hub on the back and a Profile on the front. If you are looking at my old pics then I do cause that is when I first built up my bike in the winter. Also that FIT Atiken is not my bike, I ride the Fly Pantera
  16. First I dont believe in training in a fight style unless you are going for the sport. (Or in my case, part of your job) Other then that why would a grown man feel the need to "drop" someone? I mean really, I haven't been in a fight since highschool...and I have never been in a place were I would need to "drop someone"? Maybe you shouldnt hang out in shitty places
  17. I just did 10 right now in jeans and a t-shirt, after eating a bowl of spaghetti, Bloodfart can vouch....
  18. Yeah, but to make you feel better they were not one after another. it was a set of 20 for three rounds. I had other exercises in-between that gave me some time to rest...or not
  19. Burpiess are brutal I hate when my WOD has them in it.... Like today, I have to do 3x20 of them So if you did 60 of them, then you beat me
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