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  1. Pictures would have been most helpful, are your BBs flush inside the frame? Also are you using the right bb cones? One is should be smaller then the other, the smaller one goes on the non drive side. And if your sprocket has a built in spacer that is gay.
  2. I wish, I have to shave for work...but I can grow a serious mustache
  3. LOL, remind me to never invite you to my house
  4. I was just talking to my girl about this, it seems that America is going crazy. Blaming everything on brown people, chinese, cheeseburgers, whatever.... And more and more people feel the need to handle extremism with more extremism, shit is sad. To bad this is being thrown by comedians
  6. R@ndomH3ro


    You need a pin spanner That will help you take it off, if you need help and these cyclocross roadie dudes dont help feel free to post in the BMX thread. I usually only check that thread out
  7. dope edit, dope music, overall - dope!
  8. I cant believe that there are still these shitty bubblegum teeny bobber punk bands around.
  9. Keep the tuffs on em, your girl dont know shit about oldschool bmx
  10. Less artsy photos, more bmx
  11. hahaha, at the skate kid eating shit at 0:13 Also the first person on the comments is a friend of mine from Austin, he is a pretty awesome freestyle rider
  12. The whole Metal crew is like that, they also dress like complete punkrock assholes
  13. Yeah, he must have a hell of dental plan. If I rode like I would be all gums and broken bones
  14. Wrong wheel buddy http://www.sun-ringle.com/bmx/rims/rhyno-lite-xl/
  15. Colt Fake is okay, really not a technical rider mostly just jumps off crazy shit. I have seen some of those Metal vids where he really eats it
  16. What the hell does that even mean?? English, you speak it?
  17. Same ones the rhyno lites, but he has titanium spokes
  18. My brother has sun rims and his are awesome
  19. Just bought this wheel black rhyno lite xl rim laced with black primo 14g forged spokes to a silver 3/8th mosh justice lite hub with shadow conspiracy black hub guard
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