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  1. So as some of you know I am in Afghanistan.


    Also some of you have decided to send me stuff, I would like to say thanks. It means a lot to get mail here and even more to get mail from total strangers. Thanks to FIST 666, Mercer, and Omniscient...you guys are great and thanks for the bmx stuff and snacks.


    - Random "Real American" Hero



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  2. No more stacking farm animals?


    I'm real great at stacking things, so I can always fall back on that as a skill that will land me any stacking job.


    I've been leaning toward the idea of going to school part time and conning people into buying things that I make for some pocket money.

    Either get some sort of certificate to work with special needs kids, or to be a personal trainer.


    I try not to stress about life and things in general.

    If you have a good attitude and treat people right, good things usually happen.


    Everything that I do, I am mediocre-to-totally-fucking-amazing at.

    The old jerk of all trades, master of none deal.

  3. here are some of my 90's beasts... a dk sob and an S&M next gen Dirtbike, i wish i still had flicks of my Sabbath...






    it's like 5lb's of seatpost!


    I bet you can jump off a cliff and everything on that bike would survive except you...


    midschool bikes, built to last the apocalypse

  4. Standard Byke Co custom trick star remix


    had me fucking droooooooling.












    Another blast from the past... all the frames Spooky Dave has made... how many of your old bikes do you see here?!?!?!
















    crazy to know how many classic frames came from the same dude!


    90s bikes are fucking tanks man...I cant believe we used to ride those

  5. Random how do you like your JCPCs? I keep slipping, trying to get some new pedals...


    I like em a lot, no slippage here. I got a set of mag primo pedals I will sell you. Just as light and metal, unless you really want JCPCs

  6. Brickos...I need a basic set of BMX " Teardown " tools . Granted I have quite a bit of tools but none really specific to taking a bike apart . What would you suggest having in a small toolbox ?


    you are a idiot.

  7. Ayooooo, finally....




    Shitty cell phone flick, I'll take a proper one tomorrow!



    Frame- Volume 781

    Fork- Odyssey dirt

    Stem- Fly potencia

    Bars- Fly tierra

    Seat- Odyssey impact post, aitken seat

    Cranks- Stolen team, raw, redline platform pedals that came on my mtb

    Back wheel- Primo mix 9t, sun rhyno lite xl, odyssey spokes

    Front wheel- g-sport marmoset laced to a rhyno lite xl with odyssey spokes

    Brakes- tektro calipers, odyssey lever, odyssey slic cable


    Of course as soon as it's done it gets all shitty and rainy, but I'm stoked to maybe ride the indoor park and some trails when it gets dry!


    Lol, nice

  8. It's the second, but inside the main drive hole was something like this


    One side is flush with the sprocket, on side has that spacer on it. It can come out, but it seems to fit the spindle better with it on.


    haha, that is because you have a 19 mm spindle right? The circulo is a 22 mm bore. So you have to use that adapter. Let me tell you a secret, the adapter is supposed to go like this


    BB shell |= Sprocket Crank Arm


    The flat part goes next to the BB shell, so it will almost act like a small spacer., yeah if you have it the other way around the chain ring will be in line with the driver.


    So you turning it around is exactly how it was supposed to be installed.



  9. I looked it up, is it this one?




    If it is you dont put the BB shell on the BB, you just put the chain ring on.


    If it is this one, I dont know what your problem is cause it is flat on each side like every chain ring



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