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  1. This is what was trying to be posted above ^
  2. Looks so much different!
  3. From WCSH 6 WISCASSET, Maine (AP) - It's "all aboard" for officers from at least 10 Maine police agencies as they take the train to learn more about the laws against trespassing on railroad property. The police will board a Maine Eastern Railroad train on Friday in Wiscasset and travel to Brunswick, where they'll continue their discussion at Town Council chambers. Leading the discussion will be Michail Grizkewitsch, a trespass specialist for the Federal Railroad Administration. Trespassing includes walking, hunting, riding a snowmobile, ATV, or motorbike, or cross-country skiing on or along a railroad right of way. It also includes fishing or jumping from railroad bridges, and vandalizing or tampering with rail equipment. The safety of officers investigating such incidents will also be covered on Friday's train ride. Watch out now!
  4. Being a fan who never attended a show while Jerry was around and probably have little place to speak having only experienced shows through tape.. I've caught the last 3 tours for a chunk of them and watched this band start to pull together so well. Sure they have nights where it's a mess and just doesn't quite do it but shouldn't it be alluring enough to catch whats left then to have negative shit to say about it? I'd say you shouldn't ask anyone on a forum if you should or shouldn't attend a show, half of the people feel that it's complete bullshit for the band to tour without Jerry and others call JK a fake Jerry, it's biased opinions all over. Hit archive and listen to a couple random shows from the past two Furthur tours with a clear open mind and decide for yourself! Before any lashings, I'm not saying Furthur is actually a place holder for the Dead, just that the band as it stands is starting to meld quite nicely and it's worth looking into further than asking a bunch of people on a board..
  5. Nice to see a page so stacked
  6. Awesome posts. Turds with the swevry steez, Jurne. The newer SFL fill over where the old one was for a lonnng time and that Rich summertime lake shit is mint. Good to see everyones so busy!
  7. Ceks41


    Was it new? Picture?
  8. You don't know what you're talking about. My mistake for even trying to explain on here, just please end it. Message me if anyone has more to say.
  9. I know where you're coming from and I wasn't trying to say anything about being angry about being gone over AT ALL, that's the part I could care less about. In fact I've been going about these past 2 posts without anger involved, but more just frustration with the way things work. Didn't mean to sound like a know it all and I sure as hell don't know it all, I'm just stating what I've seen over the past 3 years. While graffiti is a part of it, this is mainly about the attitude involved. That just came into it. No matter what I won't let a friend be punked out especially if they won't do anything about it, and no matter what if someone says something to me in a disrespectful manor than I'm going to say my part, and that's what this is all about. I know that some will get angry by association but this is only directed at one person and anyone with common sense knows who that is. I respect the older heads and how they want to do shit and I appreciate the shit out of the ones that tried to help mentor me through my first year or so. The scene is amazing and the only point I'm trying to make is it's absurd for one person to think they control it all, not anything else. And I was NOT saying that the scene is bullshit in the sense that it sucks I'm saying he's turning it into bullshit along the lines of how he acts towards people that have been involved for a couple years and showed him NOTHING but respect until given reason not to. It's the fact that it IS personal, we are all acquaintances and all have shot the shit many times. With that then shit should be able to be dealt with talking instead of jumping on people or going over them. The only reason this got brought back up is because he had to say something in response to one of my posts. If he had kept his smart ass comment to himself then it wouldn't have been brought back up online.
  10. What does it matter what you think? Someones just still mad that I called him out about being too old to start shit with someone barely half his age! So how about instead of trying to act like you run everything, you just leave people the hell alone and worry about YOURSELF. You're the one turning this chill state and scene into a place of bullshit. Go and single out the kids that are ignorant and arrogant and just go out and ruin shit and heat up the scene, not the kids that have actually respected your rules and tried to come up through the scene the way that the older heads tried to guide them through. It's crazy how things have ended up these days. You'd think that someone in this guys position would just find Balance (being the type of kid everyone knows that he is), and confront him in a cool calm manor saying "Hey man I'm really not happy you painted such and such a place." He'd then get a cool calm response and it wouldn't happen again. Instead, he has to attempt to assert his dominance with a kid that WON'T fight him or even bother arguing, and then continue to bully him and give him shit anytime that he has something to say or post. Pretty fucked up that people like Ragsy up here has to create this confrontation when it could've been solved by simply acting like a man instead of like this and just acting on anger. As long as you stay off the older heads names you should be good to just paint freely and not have someone acting like the Police of Graffiti. Now I'm sorry and I know this isn't chan.0 but I wasn't going to just keep this in PM, I put it out there because I know some will agree. So here's an old flick or 2 to try to not have this closed.
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