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  1. dajam and bogue, those koma tags a few pages back are nice too
  2. not yet, I thought it would be somewhere under preferences, folder options or view options like it was on pc..I Just need to see the hidden music files, so i can copy them over..
  3. I have a ipod with 18,000 good ass songs that I need to convert over to my mac. on my old pc i just clicked on the "show hidden files" tab, and everything was cool. But I'm having hard time finding it with mac..???!?!?!?!?!1:D :D :D :D :D
  4. damn I forgot about this site..bump that jazi, and all the che shit from a little ways back..
  5. and that pear and sumoe is hard shit...I'm not even surprised anymore...
  6. that crome moe atb a few pages back is fresh
  7. yo man its on..shouts to nuk niggas, I gotta get up off my ass...last few pages been looking pretty damn bueno
  8. that pear and curve is fucking nasty as shit...
  9. guess who's bizzack...still smellin crack in my clothes.. magic hit me up nigga
  10. you got anymore from banks
  11. sime shit looking betta than some curry chicken on a uptown summer day
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