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  1. Serious ? your that bent over a 129 lb kid with a camera ?
  2. word ,good last flick..it was a rainy walk that day
  3. i love the highways in the rain ,theres a few i get to see on my commute ..just a few tho i know there are a lot more that havent poked thru yet but they will and that will really stick it to Mr.buff man then :p
  4. true , i have a few more from taht spot today ill get up later Got me a free full can of montana up there today
  5. Time machine please ?I would love to see Central,Ct back then Beaner? really ?
  6. Im not much of a Rt2 man ,sorry ..but id love to see what was there too
  7. Im not much of a Rt2 man ,sorry ..but id love to see what was there too
  8. These next ones were from 1 of my first posts ,where i forgot the din flick ..still,nothing against ya man .really wish i had the flick of it
  9. Looking good . Some older but not oldies
  10. www.stantonmgt.com/NewPhotos/yl_120lwr_res.JPG Guys ,you need a new gig they caught on to what goes on at the YL club house said clubhouse
  11. no one cared about this , look at the guy shooting the gun inside the U !!
  12. JAS!!!!!!!! nake doing that mesto ...hmmm not so much ,2 thumbs down boss Dyze ,post "the one that you can see from the road but theres a fence "..if apple helps as a clue to where it is haha
  13. That Rels bothers me ...why you ask....cause its such fire !!! props man
  14. Tough act for sure but ill try ..
  15. WOW!!! That is all i can say ..
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