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  1. well there was a flick of a semer panel that was painted over a bookman sreak... so i guess so
  2. Re: American WholeCar thread... did you steal that flick from this thread!? cause its already posted in this thread some pages back. stop stealing photos. go bench and maybe you'll catch a whole car... ive only ever caught 3.... i think thats the reason this thread is slow. more people beside ich and kems and gesr need to paint whole cars
  3. fech

    vote for me

    that golden west with the foater over plantrees, i caugh that rollin through cali back in the summer
  4. oooo portlands lookin good
  5. fech


    thats cool about the coalies
  6. your homies dont need any help man, almost every other time i bench i see something by them. ryoe and owie are up like hell and are doing it proper. nothing wrong with seeing some cool shit from them but people get hated on for self promo's and stuff and you dont wanna bring hate on your homies when its not even them doing it.
  7. chez and harsh tankers....
  8. trede's up alot. that rite and mfk car is dope
  9. i wonder what kerse and sighs freight counts are at. i see them more than anyone else
  10. cohee ,sigh, that epik.... more and more sigh killin it and that end to end with deface rukes cz numb and sworne.... oh man. good shit
  11. this thread is not as cool as it used to be...
  12. that first kerse... colors look so good. that suga is nice too. so was alot of others but i cant remember
  13. that old rukes and numb. i caught that in cali a while ago
  14. fech


    really diggin that sumo piece
  15. echo and arek!!! small pitures though... i could barely see whats going on. haha nice thread
  16. i think ive seen that sketch rollin b4
  17. where are you catchin those upfe's at? and that aqua piece... i caught that sam one rollin last week. PM me back
  18. yea less than half loaded for me... i think flickr works better that photobucket
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